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Eaglelady specializes in Renal/Cardiac.

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  1. Eaglelady

    My PhD Journey - Part 1

    Vicki I am just awe struck I am currently in my 3rd semester of BSN program and I am 56 yrs old I was thinking how much harder BSN is compared to the ADN but after reading your post all I can say is whoa but you are right even in the BSN my mindset is changing with each and every semester and my writing has improved some much compared to the beginning of the BSN but I wish you the best you are definitely a great mentor for all of us
  2. Eaglelady

    native americans and modern medicine

    I am native american RN and I agre with you both---but we have come a long way since the olden days or even days of my grandparents who were fullbloodied Cherokee--so was my Mom so I am at least 50% because I was first born--but yes I wished I had seen this board sooner I could have helped you
  3. Eaglelady

    Am I being realistic? Nursing school at 45?

    I was 50 y/o when I decided to get my RN degree I was 54 when I got my RN degree (thats with pre req's and all) and now I am 55 going for my BSN so yes I say go for it you are still young :)
  4. Eaglelady

    Want to hear your pet peeves in LTC nursing

    I am glad I read all these posts because I am about to go into LTC after being in a hospital setting for 2 yrs and you all gave me a lot of nuggets to remember and one I want forget Always "STOCK THE MED CART" Gotta love it :)
  5. Eaglelady

    Crazy things independent pts have asked of you?

    This one is by far the MOST hilarious:lol2: GOTTA LOVE IT :redpinkhe
  6. Eaglelady

    About RN license renewal

    You definitely do not have to retake the NCLEX again if you have a job or not and it depends on the state you are in as to rather or not you have CEUs like here in Florida we have to have 26 CEU hrs---good luck
  7. Eaglelady

    Nclex Pass rate for your school

    I agree I took the ATI 2 or 3 times and it was nothing like the NCLEX to me bc I took the NCLEX the first time and passed to me the NCLEX was alot easier and more focused than the ATI was
  8. Eaglelady

    Nclex Pass rate for your school

    My school was 89-95% and everyone in my class passed the 1st time with the exception of 2
  9. Eaglelady

    never give up on nclex!

    Florida is the same if you fail 3 times you have to take a refresher coarse I do not know what they do after that if a person fails--but I have a friend who failed the 1st time and passed on the 2nd time than I have a friend that is still taking it he has not passed yet and I have been a nurse now for almost 2 yrs (we graduated from the same class) but its not bc he isn't smart but he has a language barrier so I keep my fingers crossed for him this next time---and good luck to you also and anyone one else about to take the NCLEX I hear its harder now than when I took it :redpinkhe Keep in mind it is well worth it (at least to me) :heartbeat
  10. Eaglelady

    What are some questionable/old-fashioned nursing interventions?

    IV Dlaudid is drug of choice where I work--but personally I do not like either one--and as far as heparin vs NS my facility is a heparin free facility so we are not allowed to flush anything except dialysis cath(theirs are not flushed but we deposit heparin in it) with heparin And as far as the air bubble in the Lovenox I always leave it in dt the fact it keeps the med where it suppose to be same when I give a B12 shot I also use a air bubble in the syringe to keep the med in the correct place. :heartbeat:clown:
  11. Eaglelady

    Union- good or bad?

    I disagree with this bc where I work is union and I am not union and I do not get pressured about not paying union dues and I have never been threatened to be terminated bc I choose not to join
  12. Eaglelady

    Can I be a LPN with a RN license?

    I would definitely check your State board of Nursing because here in the State of Florida you can not go backwards a friend of mine tried and the Fl board of nursing would not allow her to
  13. Eaglelady

    Flu shot issue

    I too just recieved the flu/H1N1 shot I came home right off the bat and took tylenol but so far I have had sneezes my arm has been sore (as usual) but not as bad as I thought it would be
  14. Eaglelady

    College America???

    I just watched the PBS show and it is so scarey I feel so bad for those that went to get a degree in nusring and now they are unable to find a job that will accept their degree --that is horrific, best advice to anyone going back to school go to the community college, or some place that has their true accreditation it is not worth what you may go through if you don't
  15. Eaglelady

    Successful night shift stories...

    I totally agree I have been on nights now for a year and they could not pay me enough (I get more on nights than day does anyways) to switch to days I worked days and trust me there is no comparison do not get me wrong it can get rough on nights at times I work cardiac/renal floor but I still love it