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I was sharing with a coworker some of the sweet/sad/cute/charming things that my DD said while she had RSV as a toddler or was recovering from major surgery when she was 5. It got me to wondering what kinds of things you pedi... Read More

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    Last week, I was doing a home visit for subq methotrexate for a 4 year old with JRA. I had come from the office so I wasn't wearing scrubs. The child looked at me as I was drawing up her nebs and said, "your pants are too big." I told her they fit fine and her aunt then felt the need to inform her that she just thought this because I "have a big booty."
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    This thread is a little old but I have a new one. Today one of my patients (same one as above) says to me (she's 5): "you're big, are you six?" And I said no and she said "but I'm five and you're bigger than me, so are you six?" I told her no again and then she said "so you're ten?" She probably would have fallen off her chair if I told her my real age.
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    Love it to prev poster.
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    My middle daughter (who just had her 14th birthday) was born at 26 weeks so she spent quite a bit of time in the incubator when she was in the NICU. The hospital she was in stored the unused incubators in an alcove that we walked by on our way to the elevators. We were walking by these incubators one day, and my oldest daughter, who was 3.5 years old at the time, said to me "Look at all those extra baby traps, Mom!!!"
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    Conversation with a 7 year old today: (His cousin is talking about Santa coming tomorrow night)
    Pt: "Santa isn't even real. They just send the presents."
    Me: "Who told you that?"
    Pt: "I just know... he died a couple weeks ago." He said this very matter-of-factly. Now he has older siblings so I think it's totally possible that someone told him that Santa wasn't real but last week he was asking me if Santa just threw the presents down the chimney... Oh, kids.
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    These are fantastic! I hope to work in peds some day and hope to have my own stories to share. Thank you for these posts!
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    I have another holiday related one. Last week, on Xmas Eve, I'm having a conversation with a 5 yr old. She tells me that Rudolph will get a carrot but all the other reindeer will get prunes. When I asked her if that was because the other ones are mean, she goes "Yeah, they used to laugh and call him names."
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    My pt. is nonverbal, so I don't have anything to add, but what a great thread! *LIKE* to all of the comments.

    OTOH, my now 6 year old DD used to say, "for Pete's steak,!" "tummy button" and "heart beep."
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    LOL! This is a great thread! My youngest would never throw up, she always "swallowed up". She stills says that and she is 20 now. I work in an elem school now and the things these kids come up with!!
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    I work in a special needs school and we have many emotionally disturbed kids. picture this... a very cute 5 yr old walking in the hall holding a blanket and sucking his thumb. I say good morning "Michael". He says " you ******* 'female dog' " (the real words!)
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