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  1. classicalcat

    Research Nursing, my experience

    It would depend on the employer and what they list as requirements. Is this for you? Your profile says 25 years of healthcare experience. That would qualify you probably. If it is for someone else with no healthcare experience, at a minimum, they wou...
  2. classicalcat

    Home Transition Nurse?

    Hello, I have just applied for a Home Transition Nurse position. I will be interviewing this week. Other than Case Management, it is hard to find info on this exact position. It sounds like the nurse will be helping the patient transition from t...
  3. classicalcat

    Research Nursing, my experience

    Thanks for sharing your experience! Mine is much different, most likely due to the fact that I am in a small town and hospital. I have been a research coordinator for 2.5 years and am quite bored. 90% of the time I am searching for patients for studi...
  4. classicalcat

    I Pads for patient education

    Hi all, Are any of your hospitals handing out I Pads or tablets to patients? We just started this. On one hand, they are nice...patients can send me a message, or know when their meds are due. On the other hand, they are expected to read all of t...
  5. classicalcat

    How does your unit train Level II Nursery Nurses?

    Thanks for the reply! This seems about right to me. Good to know...
  6. Hi All, I am curious what your hospitals do for training this area? When I was trained (years ago), I had 2 months with one-to-one precepting with another nursery nurse. This was after working postpartum for over a year (we do couplet care). Now, ...
  7. Thanks for sharing your animals stories as well! Looks like we have something in common--I laughed at the possum and sorry, but I laughed at the skunk story--not that you got bit, but that you were treated by a vet. Love it!
  8. I had a flash-back the other day at work. I was cleaning the circumcision board that was covered in poop. Ah, cleaning poop--I was remembering my days as a zookeeper. And, as you can imagine, the job involved lots of poop cleaning. This was anot...
  9. classicalcat

    Ebola in the pregnant patient

    Wow--great questions and lowsy answers from management! I work as a nursery nurse and I don't feel that our hospital has addressed the L/D issue either. We are going to get mandatory training in donning and doffing, but our only Ebola PPE cart (Don't...
  10. classicalcat

    Ghosts Are All Around Us

    Ah, the questions that our children ask: "Where did I come from?" "How does Santa Claus fly around the world in ONE NIGHT?" or... "Do you believe in ghosts, mommy?" Some questions are easier to answer than others. I have never seen a ghost-...