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Hello everyone, So I saw this old clip today for the first time: and at the 3:23, Letterman's guest begins to suggest that nicotine is not harmful to one's health. Clearly, advocating this E-cigarette device is part of... Read More

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    Quote from PalmHarborMom
    Here are a link to story about the e-cigarettes blowing up....

    Electronic cigarette explodes in man's mouth, causes serious injuries - HealthPop - CBS News

    There are also stories about them blowing up while being charged causing fires.

    Corona Couple Sues After E-Cigarette Battery Explodes In Car « CBS Los Angeles

    Police: 'Explosion' at apartment complex came from e-cigarette | Oklahoma City - OKC - KOCO.com

    I'm not saying that they are not a tool that could be used to stop smoking but there are risks.
    Totally off topic...but, in reading the first link, who puts out fires with salt? How much salt is needed to extinguish fire? Who has enough salt at hand to use it to fight fires? I'm so confused.
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    Didn't read the whole thread (sorry, on my mobile) but I just had to point out an aside - ahem..... WHAT THE HELL IS JENNY MCARTHY DOING PROMOTING ECIGS IN COMMERCIALS?!?! ISNT SHE THE ONE WHO THINKS VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM??
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    I say they're better, but nicotine is still harmful to ingest so they're not healthy for you. They really can help you quit though, especially if someone is educated on the fact that you can taper down the nicotine strengths (and sticks to it). My fiance actually quit by using an e-cig; it does work. No it's not ideal, as say, not smoking at all is, but we're not talking ideal.
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    tick...tick...tick...tick...tick... Wait for it!

    Just the stopwatch ticking away just until the FDA (and the legal industry) comes up with statistics and evidence that these e-cigs "are hazardous to your health". And then you'll be seeing all those 'dial 1-800 call XYZ law firm for damages if you smoked e-cigs" on late nite TV.

    I vividly remember the just-not-so-long-ago commercials for Yaz/Yazmine/Ocella birth control that was advertised on TV. It now joins the rank of that 'dial 1-800' club. Even Pradaxa has now been added to the club!! And how long has that been used?!?

    They pulled all those cox2 inhibitors (except Celebrex), that were touted as the newest best thing after white bread.

    Don't give me anything new! Just give me the old reliables because it'll just be a matter of time before they pull those new meds because of the serious negative sequellae

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    When I can't smoke, I choose to vape and use nicotine gum!
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    I have the E-go V-V2 with a Kanger tank....I absolutely LOVE it! I'd vape on the way to the hospital (while I was still working bedside) and the pts never complained about me smelling like smoke. Also, I feel better vaping. I had a cigarette the other day when I ran out of e-juice and felt horrible:-(
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    What I usually tell people is that while I believe E Cigs are probably less harmful than cigarettes, there is little data on the effects of the chronic glycerin exposure to the lungs from the vehicle. The nicotine we understand. As glycerin is a humectant, it may pull more moisture into the lungs. I think they can be a great way to get off smoking IF you start at an appropriate dose of nicotine AND wean the nicotine down. I usually have them do so on a 2 week to 1 month basis. I recommend that they vape nicotine free for 2 weeks to 1 month after getting off the nicotine then stop. The thing I most hate about vaping is that people feel like they can do it anywhere and I find the smells of the flavors to be offputting. I also do not want them exhaling nicotine in my presence. It's still important to go out side and not do it around your children (or me). I think the FDA will take action in the next year due to flavors being enticing to children.
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    Thee are Ecig that have NO nicotine in them. You can start with a small amount of nicotine, go lower and then go to NO NICOTINE. So, if they use it for non-nicotine purposes…. It has to be better to help them quit that way… I WOULD THINK. I have never smoked, so this is an observation from my husband quiting.
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    Take a look at this article about a study in JAMA http://www.dispatch.com/content/stor...eal-thing.html . Although there may be a problem with the initial cohort of the study in relation to conclusions reached it still warrants for further stronger reasearch on e cigs and smoking cessation.
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    Aren't they manufactured by the same companies who brought us cigarettes? I would think it would be a long time before we know the truth about their dangers.
    I work in LTC and have a hard time with residents who use them in shared (small) rooms.
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