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  1. Thought I'd post this. See attached pdf file for Illinois School Pass Rates. C = Candidates P = Number that Passed % = Percentage obviously Found at http://nursing.illinois.gov/education.asp IlApNursingEdProgPassRates01292010.pdf
  2. adnrnstudent

    Reapply a Fentanyl Patch?

    I used to sell Duragesic (Fentanyl) for J&J before it went generic. Not sure on the generic patch versus when it was branded, but that patch may no longer be effective. Patches do come off sometimes but should have been inspected for signs of being pulled off too.
  3. adnrnstudent

    Any College of Dupage nursing students out there? Or hopefuls?

    BTW. I'd hold off on your drug book until Fall. By then the 2012 editions will be out. I got my 2011 edition when I started in Fall '10. It won't make a big difference though if you already have a 2011 so don't sweat it.
  4. adnrnstudent

    Any College of Dupage nursing students out there? Or hopefuls?

    Well, I promise to abuse you all! Congrats to all of you.
  5. adnrnstudent

    Any College of Dupage nursing students out there? Or hopefuls?

    Some books may not be changing soon. Psych and Mother-Baby, but don't quote me.
  6. adnrnstudent

    Any College of Dupage nursing students out there? Or hopefuls?

    Just don't buy used books because they are changing the Nursing Fundamentals book completely, not just the edition, and I think the Med-Surg book is going to be just a new edition, but I'm not 100% if just an edition change or whole new book.
  7. adnrnstudent

    Is there chicago cna position that pays $10 or more per hour?

    I'd say most places are more than $10. Especially hospitals, but probably LTC at least $10.
  8. adnrnstudent

    College of Dupage letters mailed - Fall 2010

    It should happen pretty quick since they are offering 1 section of 1100 during the 2nd 8 weeks of Spring semester. That starts March 14th.
  9. adnrnstudent

    College of DuPage gets NLN Candiadte Status

    College of DuPage had their site visit this week from NLNAC and apparently were told they were being recommended for accreditation. If that's true, congrats to COD and it is well deserved. Great school.
  10. adnrnstudent

    Nursing Dx help?

    Assuming GI Bleed, I'd go Deficient Fluid Volume. My rational since Mike R is opposite of me, and I am in no way saying he's wrong, is I looked up GI Bleed in my Ackley book and DFV was listed, not Tissue Perfusion. So I am only standing with my answer if it is a GI Bleed based on Ackley book. Mike R may have the better answer.
  11. adnrnstudent

    Care Plan - All these Nursing Dx opposite of what I want

    I appreciate your reply, but here's the problem. We 1st list several potential N Dx and I have all those listed, and we put them in an order of priority. Then we take the top 2 priorities and elaborate on them. The problem is, the pt doesn't have any of those issues and Nausea would still be a higher priority in my mind. Nursing Dx is just bullcrap to sell books and make Leaders in Nursing that promote this crap feel special and like they're the ones elevating the profession. It is all actually meaningless busy work and that's EXACTLY how I feel about it. What cracks me up, I thought for my other one I had it easy with his delayed wound healing from surgery. I started out with that as my top priority but then I started reading the interventions and one of them was a warming blanket during surgery. I'd like to call whoever comes up with this BULLCRAP that the patient has already had surgery and I don't have a time machine to go back to the surgery. Just like George Carlin says, "It's all BS and it's bad for ya!"
  12. adnrnstudent

    Care Plan - All these Nursing Dx opposite of what I want

    Just to elaborate a little more and let me focus in on Nausea. There isn't a "Risk for Nausea" but there is a "Nausea". If I select Nausea then I have to have a "as manifested by", but patient doesn't have nausea so there is no AMB I can say.
  13. Why are all of the Nursing Dx the exact opposite of what I want? Had patient in for Chemotherapy. He has not had any nausea, but receiving meds prophylactically. I'd like to make a Nursing Dx - Risk for Nausea, but risk for nausea not listed, only a Dx of Nausea. Patient has a Infection, but no Dx for that, but there is Risk for Infection.
  14. adnrnstudent

    C.O.D LPN alternate list

  15. adnrnstudent

    scrubs dont fit me well

    I'm 6'4". Cherokee makes a top, their 3 pocket 4876 that is 3 inches longer than their others. It's not classified as a tall, but works great for me, and I love Cherokee scrubs for quality http://www.cherokeeuniforms.com/collection/style.php?style_id=4876