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adnrnstudent has 5 years experience as a ASN, RN.

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  1. adnrnstudent

    Report process

    I work in a 36 bed facility. Each nurse gives report to oncoming nurse that is assigned patients. The assignment from shift to *** can vary slightly so you may get report from 2 nurses or even 3+ maybe depending on who did an admission that got placed in your assigned territory.
  2. adnrnstudent

    6,500 Nurses to Go Out on Strike 09/20/19 in Four States

    These fill in nurses crossing the picket line for $840 a day in Chicago. Good money now, but don’t let those 2200 nurses see your face. Don’t cross a picket line.
  3. adnrnstudent

    What are Psych NP/CNS's looking for in Salary/Benefits

    Difficult to comment on salary without knowing where you're at. 120k in one place might be 150k in another place. All depends on cost of living.
  4. adnrnstudent

    patient pretending to fall?

    I deal with fake falls all the time. When they do it, we discontinue all narcs. Narcotics are fall risk drugs and we don't want them to fall again.
  5. adnrnstudent

    Giving insulin late patient request

    If I'm reading it right, it's sliding scale, that's just correcting a high sugar so I totally get that, doesn't matter if they eat or not. Now if it was a scheduled 15 units then I would be curious if what I said above my edit is happening.
  6. adnrnstudent

    Fired for taking vacation

    Why? I'd rather be fired and possibly collect unemployment while I seek new job.
  7. adnrnstudent

    Demand for Nurses in Chicago

    Union hospital on top of saturated market. People get hired at Stroger and stay.
  8. adnrnstudent

    Taller scrub tops

    Cherokee makes 2 tall size tops. 32". I'm 6'4 and they are plenty long. 4876T - Unisex V-Neck Top WW695T - Men's V-Neck Top
  9. adnrnstudent

    Addressing the Predicted Nursing Shortage

    The is no requirement for BSN to obtain magnet status. It is 1 of the biggest lies in nursing next to Joint Commission caring about having a closed bottle at your workstation.
  10. adnrnstudent

    Foreign BA, ADN or ABSN?

    ADN programs at community colleges are extremely difficult to get in to. They are inexpensive and extremely competitive. Accelerated BSN programs are usually expensive, but you'd end with a BSN in the same time-frame.
  11. adnrnstudent

    Fox News calls CNA a nurse

    Every other news source that reported it called her a nurse too. Sadly, the girl is dead. Let's let her be a nurse in memory and not worry about if she was one or not and which news organization reported it.
  12. Just a FYI for my fellow tall nurses. Cherokee has a new tall size scrub top. Make sure you get the "T" and not just the 4876. Model # 4876T Unisex V-Neck Top I was so disappointed when they discontinued Tall Size 4701, but they told me when I emailed them complaining a few months ago that a new top was coming in Janurary 2018 and here it is! I'm 6'4" and it's plenty long.
  13. adnrnstudent

    Trinity in Rock Island

    Anyone know PRN rate at Trinity in Rock Island, IL? Know if it's the same across the river in Bettendorf? Thanks in advance.
  14. Anyone know the PRN rate for R.N.'s at Trinity in Bettendorf? Also curious to other rates at Iowa hospitals.
  15. I haven't read all the comments and I hope someone has already said something similar. Matt Lauer supposedly physically touched. I am a male nurse and I "sexually harass" every single female on my unit and they do it right back. I wouldn't have it any other way, we are family. I have NEVER touched a coworker without her permission and if anyone was ever offended, I would stop immediately with that person. We got a new bladder scanner on our unit and a few of the nurses said "Come on, let's test this thing on you and see that thing you got." And of course I let them. Work would be boring if we didn't have fun with each other. It makes us closer and family. I ask coworkers all the time to show me their "t word." Heck, I did it tonight. Once again, if ANYONE ever asked me to stop, I would.
  16. adnrnstudent

    SubQ injections

    On rare occasions, I give myself insulin through my shirt, but would never do on a patient.

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