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  1. Pay Cap for Travel Nurses
  2. Nurse severely beat

    Read in entirety: Nurse attacked, brutally beaten by Elgin Mental Health Center patient
  3. Nurse Severely Beaten Injured By Patient

    These psych facilities continue to not get it. You staff for safety in Psych. Sue the facility.
  5. At my facility, we don’t have 400mg Seroquel tabs so we give 2 of the 200mg. if a patient only takes 1, I can’t force them to take 2. in my case if they agree to take 1 instead of 2 that’s what they will get and I will chart it. now if it’s a 300mg t...
  6. Keto diet & pills on ca probation

    Muno, I’ve read and enjoyed your posts for years but in this instance, I don’t even know where to begin to respond. I am a diabetic, wearing a insulin pump right now, intentionally in ketosis, and have been for a long time like many diabetics.
  7. Report process

    I work in a 36 bed facility. Each nurse gives report to oncoming nurse that is assigned patients. The assignment from shift to *** can vary slightly so you may get report from 2 nurses or even 3+ maybe depending on who did an admission that got place...
  8. 6,500 Nurses to Go Out on Strike 09/20/19 in Four States

    These fill in nurses crossing the picket line for $840 a day in Chicago. Good money now, but don’t let those 2200 nurses see your face. Don’t cross a picket line.
  9. What are Psych NP/CNS's looking for in Salary/Benefits

    Difficult to comment on salary without knowing where you're at. 120k in one place might be 150k in another place. All depends on cost of living.
  10. patient pretending to fall?

    I deal with fake falls all the time. When they do it, we discontinue all narcs. Narcotics are fall risk drugs and we don't want them to fall again.
  11. Giving insulin late patient request

    If I'm reading it right, it's sliding scale, that's just correcting a high sugar so I totally get that, doesn't matter if they eat or not. Now if it was a scheduled 15 units then I would be curious if what I said above my edit is happening.
  12. Fired for taking vacation

    Why? I'd rather be fired and possibly collect unemployment while I seek new job.
  13. Demand for Nurses in Chicago

    Union hospital on top of saturated market. People get hired at Stroger and stay.
  14. Taller scrub tops

    Cherokee makes 2 tall size tops. 32". I'm 6'4 and they are plenty long. 4876T - Unisex V-Neck Top WW695T - Men's V-Neck Top
  15. Addressing the Predicted Nursing Shortage

    The is no requirement for BSN to obtain magnet status. It is 1 of the biggest lies in nursing next to Joint Commission caring about having a closed bottle at your workstation.