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  1. TheGooch

    Screaming match with my preceptor

    I was wondering how things are going for the OP.
  2. TheGooch

    Seven Hells: Vent

    To quote Angelica Pickles-you'd better be kidding Like I said it's the generation of entitlement.
  3. TheGooch

    Seven Hells: Vent

    This younger generation thinks they are entitled to things-they don't believe they should have to work for what they want. The OP of this thread is a perfect example of what I am talking about. Her threads in the past have been about how she can't find her perfect dream job and how she had to take another position which she obviously has a great disdain for.
  4. TheGooch

    Ok, I am a little creeped out!

  5. TheGooch

    Ok, I am a little creeped out!

    There always has to be a few wet blankets in these types of threads. and then we have the nitpickers.
  6. TheGooch

    Ok, I am a little creeped out!

    Yes it is. Like someone said, if you have a problem remove yourself from this thread.
  7. TheGooch

    Modest or Over-Sensitive

    so we blame the patient.
  8. TheGooch

    Ok, I am a little creeped out!

    Wow. this is just rude.
  9. TheGooch

    How did you pay off your student debt?

  10. TheGooch

    Moved mom out of house: The story continues

    My Dad was spineless too-the motto was as long as she wasn't coming after me it was okay to abuse someone else in the family. Mon had borderline personality disorder. Funny thing is that she alienated most of my siblings so I was the one that took care of her when she was ill even though she was still abusive. We have no pictures of us as children. Whenever she got really mad at someone she would destroy the pictures of that person. She also would go after us with knives if she got mad at you. One time she had me by the neck and tried to choke me.
  11. TheGooch

    Moved mom out of house: The story continues

    My Mom was abused as a child so I think that's why she was the way she was. In my case I have never married or had kids so I don't have to worry about passing it down to another generation.
  12. TheGooch

    Moved mom out of house: The story continues

    I was emotionally, verbally and physically abused by my Mom too and at 54 years of age I still have painful memories of the **** she used to do. I also have panic attacks-in fact I've been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety disorder. I have the same type of nameless fear and impending doom as you. I have sisters that are selfish to no extreme and a father who is very indifferent. My Mom passed away a couple of years ago but it doesn't change these feelings. So, yes, I can relate to you.
  13. TheGooch

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    My sister lives in a NH-it's old. It the Union Printers Home in Colorado Springs. Anyway, she says there are 2 ladies in white that roam the building-one on the basement floor and one on the 4th floor.
  14. TheGooch

    I maybe in trouble, HIPPA Violation

    Nothing like reviving a 2 year old thread,. lol.
  15. TheGooch

    Questions for Planned Parenthood Nurses

    I live in the Springs. The shooter first started off shooting at random cars and then headed to PP.
  16. TheGooch

    Call bells

    That was rude.