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I plan to work as a PCA while competing my pre-nursing classes. What is the average starting wage for PCAs in your area? Anybody know what the average pay in NJ is? Thank you!... Read More

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    anywhere from 12-15 in charleston sc
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    Thank you everybody! I just finished up week 3 of my course and am loving it!
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    I worked as a Level 3 ED tech in NYS, about 9yrs ago, my base was $13.50 not including differentials and I worked ON w/ my hourly at close to $15 give/take.
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    I make 15.90 now 7-3pm (nurse tech) no experience besides me having a bachelors and working in the hospital kitchen for a year.
    After 3pm the differental is 17.90 and if OT then its the 17.90 time and a half.

    Oh this is NY as well
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    Local Catholic hospital pays 12.50/hr for PCT's. Differential is +1.25 for eve and +1.75 for night. +.50 for weekend shifts. This is a level 2 trauma center

    Hospital a mile down the road pays around 16 and has a nursing union. Not a trauma center.
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    At my hospital in New York City is 20/hr plus 2.50 night differential.
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    Wow, I feel like a lowly paid servant compared to some of you!
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    Our local hospitals are starting PCAs at $10/hour. Psych facilities are closer to $13/hr.
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    Which hospital is this paying pct $20 and hour and do they hire new grads??? I was thinking of taking patient care tech course Or medical assisting. I'm currently working as a home health aide live in .
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    starting 13.09 with 1.50 added for nights and 2.50 for weekends.....4 for night weekends....in CT