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  1. wantmyBSN

    What are PCT/PCA pay rates in your area?

    I make 15.90 now 7-3pm (nurse tech) no experience besides me having a bachelors and working in the hospital kitchen for a year. After 3pm the differental is 17.90 and if OT then its the 17.90 time and a half. Oh this is NY as well
  2. Hey All! This fall '12 Im taking Chemistry, Microbiology,Sociology and Nutrition. Im most worried about Chemistry so I started buying books on it and trying to give myself a headstart and making a study schedule and sticking to it. These are my last pre-reqs and I'm so anxious to get them out the way. I hope I get into Nursing school that Im applying for in Spring '13 !!
  3. wantmyBSN

    Not many Black/African American nurses working in the ICU's

    Funny in my pre-nursing classes, the overwhelming majority of the students are minorities, mostly black females. I do believe this is a reprensestion of the area but not entirely. Here in westchester county NY the majority is white, but because it sits near to CT, NJ, Rockland county and NYC the classes are VERY diverse. I do notice that most nurses in my hospital are white and the techs are black or Spanish but this trend is going to change in the coming years, especially in nursing. There are many factors that play into this and I honestly dont want to debate the subject. Unless you are a minority, your on the outside looking in and there are some points that are lost in explanation.
  4. wantmyBSN

    A&P 2!!

    We're beginning the Immune System next week and out Cardiovascular test is the following. So far so good, I don't find A&P 2 harder than part 1. I am also taking Nutrition and honestly I find it very easy. I skimmed the chapter and got a 85 on the test so I know this time when I actually read the chapter I should be kicking butt the rest of this semester. I'm also studying for the TEAS next month, I already have a Bachelors of Science so I'm applying to Accelerated BSN programs for the next spring and one Associates program now, so If I dont make the cut no biggie! Ill keep trying. I hope to get at least a B+ In AP2 so far it's looking good! I hope everyone has a great semester. PS. Next week we're dissecting a cat and I am soooo not looking forward to that class.