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  1. erikarose

    Working nights....tips anyone?

    eat breakfast when you get home because the worst thing is to be SO tired but wake up at noon becuase youre starving!
  2. erikarose

    What are PCT/PCA pay rates in your area?

    starting 13.09 with 1.50 added for nights and 2.50 for weekends.....4 for night weekends....in CT
  3. You will be fine! I've been a pca at a big hospital for almost a year now. Medical terminology is really nothing to worry about. As long as you know the basics like achs, npo, diets, prn, and so on you will be fine. Yes, you will just be doing the basics so no need to worry about meds or diseases or anything. It is helpful to have background knowledge about what your patients have and specfic ways to give them the best care, most of this inofrmation will be given to you in report. Also, being in a nursing home you really wont have to deal with major diseases, wounds, disorders and so on....mostly basic care. You will be able to get to know your patient and know how they like to get things done.