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  1. quietstorm212

    What are PCT/PCA pay rates in your area?

    Which hospital is this paying pct $20 and hour and do they hire new grads??? I was thinking of taking patient care tech course Or medical assisting. I'm currently working as a home health aide live in .
  2. quietstorm212

    Anyone near 60 starting as a CNA?

    I work as a home health aide for 4 years it has its ups n downs. I do Live in so the money is decent however I do want to upgrade to medical assisting or patient care tech but in order to get to patient care tech id have to take my cna first. I hear cna is very hard back breaking work from a rn who used to work as one as well as students in my sisters lpn class. Home health aide u deal with one patient n cna u have to help multiple patients its a lot.
  3. quietstorm212

    Medical asaistant vs patient care tech

    Home health aide looking to upgrade which is better patient care technician or medical assisting ??? Any medical assistants out there is it really hard to find a job after n what's the pay? Thanks