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  1. btrflieye

    I am fed up with PCT position...

    I work day shift as a PCA on a tele floor. It is always hectic, and sometimes we are short staffed. However, we are NEVER disrespected by the nurses or other staff members because our nurse manager will not tolerate it. I've seen him put patients on a bed pan, assist them to the bathroom or the commode, and even assist in cleaning up a code brown. At every staff meeting, he will remind all staff that we are all responsible for caring for the patient - even him. If he sees a PCA being treated in an uprofessional manner, he swiftly deals with it. Have you tried talking to your manager?
  2. btrflieye

    Do you enjoy being a PCA?

    I love being a PCA.. but $40,000 a year? Not at all likely. PCAs where I work generally start at a little over $11 per hour (about $13/hour for per diem). It's a wonderful and rewarding job, but by no means an easy one! You will work hard, and you will be putting many miles a day on your shoes! :) I'm in the first semester of my nursing program and I've found that that working as a PCA has given me a comfort level in a patient care setting that most members of my cohort do not have.
  3. Hi there - please feel free to email me at kimmykat72@verizon.net ... I'd be happy to answer whatever questions and provide any information I can to help you!
  4. I completed the Brookdale PCT class last year. It was a great program and provided a great foundation on the basics of patient care (ADLs, basic venipuncture, EKGs). The instructors were great. The clinicals for my class (as well as the class that followed it) were done at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. They only take the first 15 students for the PCT program - they do not have a wait list; it is first come, first serve. I know that there is a grant available to qualified students which covered the tuition for the course, books, and possibly even the scrubs that would be required for clinicals. Definitely look into that! I'm also completing my prereqs for the nursing program at Brookdale and should be starting the nursing program in the fall. I know that during the 1st semester of the nursing program, there is a lab component, but not an off-site clinical that I'm aware of. Semesters 2-5 have off campus clinicals, just not sure where they would be (I have a few friends who have graduated from the program and they did clinicals at Jersey Shore, Riverview & Ocean Medical).
  5. btrflieye

    Any Advice For PCT Clinical's

    Wear comfortable shoes! Your feet will be killing you after a few hours. Make yourself available to help your PCT preceptor - and if you happen to find yourself with some down time, offer your assistance to the other PCTs on the floor.
  6. btrflieye

    What are PCT/PCA pay rates in your area?

    Thank you everybody! I just finished up week 3 of my course and am loving it!
  7. I plan to work as a PCA while competing my pre-nursing classes. What is the average starting wage for PCAs in your area? Anybody know what the average pay in NJ is? Thank you!
  8. I am due to start my PCT class next week, and I am really excited. I have also just started my pre-nursing courses. What do you love most about being a PCT? What do you think is the hardest part of your job? Any advice for somebody just starting out? Thank you so much for your responses. I'm looking forward to becoming an active part of this community!