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RosaleiMae has 1 years experience and specializes in OB/GYN.

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  1. Stony Brook Summer 2015

    I'm also applying for next year. Good luck with the program! Feel free to come back and tell us your experience with it :)
  2. New Nurse, New Job in Postpartum...Worse Than I Could Have Imagined

    We have issues like this. We do LDRP and some GYN post-op. Sometimes a nurse has 3 couplets and is the delivery nurse for the shift. It makes no sense to me at all, and doesn't feel safe. Patients need more attention and you can't divide your attenti...
  3. SUNY Stony Brook experiences?

    Greetings! I have looked into Frontier and I am interested in their CNM w/ the WHNP as well. However, I qualify for in-state tuition for SUNY Stony Brook, and since this will be my 2nd Master's I want to explore all my options. Any reviews on the SUN...
  4. Losing respect for nursing students

    I find this so silly and judgmental. I'm a 2nd career BSN student and I say 2nd career, not 2nd degree because it's my 3rd. I hold a Master's of Social Work and was a clinician for many years. I was ED PCT during my first undergrad degree and a case ...
  5. Nursing Program Length

    Same here.
  6. Why do some nurses use their titles as a big ego boost?

    This is very true and good advice!
  7. Where to get CPR certificate

    Most EMS agencies offer them... so your local FD or ambulance service is a good place to start. If they don't offer them, they will likely be able to point you in the right direction locally.
  8. Do I tell my manager?

    This is absolutely correct and the majority of psychotropic medications carry warnings about operating a vehicle or machinery... as far as the laws are concerned, impairment is impairment whether it's prescribed or not... if the medication impairs yo...
  9. Brockport BSN students?!

  10. iPad apps?

  11. iPad apps?

    I know I've seen people mention different apps, but when I tried searching the forums I couldn't find a post about apps so I figured I'd ask for recommendations... Any iPad apps that you found very useful in school? Any that were a waste of time? Als...
  12. Intensity of adn/absn programs

    I don't think you can generalize all absn programs that way. Some of them are definitely lacking in many ways, but some of them have just as much clinical content as a regular bsn program. I'm in an absn program and it's still 4 semesters like the bs...
  13. 2013-2014 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application

    Thanks. I tried a few of the lookup tools they link to, but that didn't help much... one shows no facilities in my area and the other shows a ton : ( I've just heard terrible stories from past recipients who struggled to find suitable positions to me...
  14. 2013-2014 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application

    But the position has to be primary care or mental health related, correct? It isn't necessarily any nursing position in an approved facility?