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Since it seems that there's quite a bit of interest, I'm attempting to start a new thread devoted exclusively to the OU on-line RN-BSN program that will hopefully build on the comments on assorted... Read More

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    Hi Woodsyny! I just looked at your online suggestion for stats and looks great. Quick question- does it matter what "parent school" you choose to take the online courses? And how long does it take to be accepted to enroll? I'm trying to get the oct 8 week stats course and wondering if I have enough time.... Thanks in advance!
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    Rn7916 it did not take long and I had northwest Iowa college as my home college. You do need I believe a prior math course or algebra to get into it
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    Thanks so much for a quick reply! If you don't mind or anyone on here in the OU program could answer one more thing (ooh but sure many more questions to come!) I just got some info on OUs rn to bsn emailed to me and it mentions clinical?! I thought it was clinical free! I live in Philadelphia and know I could get something set up- but was really looking forward to a program without clinical
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    It is an indirect clinical as I undertand. Go to the nursing 4600 thread it explains more or on the FB BSN page
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    I was curious if I could complete all my general ed classes at my community college and JUST take the nursing classes at OU. Does OU have a requirement that states that a student must complete a minimum number of non-nursing courses at OU?

    Thanks for the help!
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    Most of the students coming into the program have an AD and took many of the pre reqs before applying. ( NOt me, I'm an oldtimer who went to a diploma program)
    However a few have to be 4 yr college based. I know the Junior Comp course has to be from a 4 yr program, and maybe the Philosophy course. NOt sure if the cultural requirement has to be or not, also not sure about the statistics course.
    Generally you have to take some of the classes at a 4 yr college in addition to the nsg courses.
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    You should ask an advisor but when I was at OU, there was a minimum number of credits required to meet residency standards - can't remember what it was now.
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    Are there required clinical rotations for this program?
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    There is an indirect clinical requirment only
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