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  1. okeefel

    Drexel MSN programs online?

    Medicrnohio, I saw in your post that you attended Drexel for their acnp program. I looked at the website for the fnp program today and it only lists a few days that you have to be on campus periodically throughout the year and states that most of the program is online. What exactly do they mean by this? I live in Pittsburgh and wouldn't mind commuting every once in awhile if it meant saving me some time and money for my education. Thanks, okeefel
  2. okeefel

    Any Accelerated BSN programs offer aid besides loans??

    Hi EGKB, I was wondering if you knew if Cleveland State University still had a tuition assistance aggreement with Cleveland Clinic in place for the Accelerated BSN students? I was recently accepted to a 12 month second degree program but am very concerned about the 30,000 to complete the program. Cleveland State University's program may be an excellent solution to this problem. Additionally, do you happen to know how difficult it is to get into this program? Thanks!
  3. okeefel

    Wait listed at VCU :(

    Congrats on your acceptance! I still haven't received anything:( I live in Pa so it's probably going to take an extra day or so to get my letter. Thank you for letting me know the letters went out.
  4. okeefel

    Wait listed at VCU :(

    Did you get your letter for the accelerated msn program or bsn program? I applied to the accelerated msn program but have not heard back yet:(