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  1. Ohio University PMHNP Fall 23

    This thread is for those who applied/ been accepted PMHNP Ohio University fall 23
  2. Hello! I have my MSN in nursing education. I took advanced pathophysiology this semester (Spring 2023), and I'm taking advanced pharmacology and advanced health assessment this Summer. I want to start a postgrad certificate program for PMHNP in the f...
  3. Ohio University NRSE 6210

    Hi all! I am beginning OU's AGACNP program in the fall and was looking for the syllabus for NRSE 6210 if anyone has it. Also, I would love to hear some feedback and experiences with any of the MSN programs at OU. Thanks so much! Mackenzie
  4. Since it seems that there's quite a bit of interest, I'm attempting to start a new thread devoted exclusively to the OU on-line RN-BSN program that will hopefully build on the comments on assorted previous threads. I'd like to ask nevergonnagive...
  5. Ohio University Accreditation?

    Hello everyone, I'm am looking into BSN programs and came across ohio University, and am very interested. The only thing that worries me is that I'm in California, and I intend if applying for my MSN. How do I know if the masters program will accept ...

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