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  1. rninme

    ANCC-FNP Exam- new test version 4/7/2016- PASS

    My scores were in that range as well. Those questions are brutal!
  2. rninme

    ANCC-FNP Exam- new test version 4/7/2016- PASS

    For those of you saying no one is talking about ANCC exam recently - not sure how much has changed, but the first post in this thread is very reflective of the test I took in June
  3. rninme

    ANCC-FNP Exam- new test version 4/7/2016- PASS

    I passed ANCC in June. If you look through posts, some others have posted quite detailed explanations of the test. I'll tell you - Board Vitals, live or online review class, and Fitzgerald's review book. Board Vitals has tons of leadership questions in the test bank. Know research types cold - I had 5 or 6 questions on it. Clinical questions were very straight forward, not tricky like AANP questions. Use the strike out function to get rid of wrong answers. If you can answer the questions on Board Vitals, you are golden! They were very difficult - ANCC questions were quite easy compared to them!!
  4. rninme

    ANCC-FNP Exam- new test version 4/7/2016- PASS

    I attended Fitzgerald's live review, read her other review book cover to cover, glanced through Liek, and used Board Vitals. Passed ANCC on my first try in June. If you are able - attend a live review (Fitz, Hollier, Liek) - if uable, sign up for an online review. If taking the ANCC, I can't stress enough - you need to know research, risk management, leadership issues cold. Use the strike out function to get rid of wrong answers. I didn't find it difficult - but Dr Fitzgerald told us - if you don't find the test difficult, then you are well prepared for it. Good luck all - you can do this!
  5. rninme

    How long did you study for?

    I studied for about 6 weeks - did Fitzgerald's live review a couple of weeks after graduation and then her online content over the next 2 weeks. Helped me to zero in on where I needed to study further. Took the ANCC exam and passed on my first try. If you take ANCC, don't gloss over epidemiology, risk management, research, leadership, etc. Nothing tricky about the ANCC exam, clinical questions very straightforward. Don't continually review what you know cold -- focus on areas you are having problems recalling. I used Board Vitals to practice board-type questions. BV's questions are HARD! Exam was much easier!!!
  6. rninme

    ANCC fnp exam and cranial nerves

    Did not see one question on cranial nerves on ANCC :)
  7. rninme

    ANCC exam help

  8. rninme

    Passed ANCC 8/23!

    Congratulations!! It wasn't difficult because you were prepared!
  9. I graduated with my MSN at 55. Age is just a number!!!
  10. rninme

    Passed FNP ANCC July, 2016!

    I passed the ANCC FNP exam in June. Clinical questions were very straightforward.
  11. rninme

    Passed FNP ANCC July, 2016!

  12. rninme

    Passed AANP!

  13. rninme

    Passed the ANCC AGPCNP

  14. rninme

    Failed ANCC FNP certification exam

    Body system a day - review it thoroughly. Then start answering questions on that system. Go back and review what you didn't understand - answer questions again. On to the next system. Don't waste time reviewing systems that you have a good knowledge base on -- review the ones you don't know! ANCC has a lot on leadership and professional issues - research, risk management, etc. You probably won't find that in your class texts. I used Fitzgerald - and her review and review book covers it pretty well. Also looked through Leik and and used BoardVitals as a question bank. If you haven't taken a live or online review - that might be in your best interest. I did Fitzgerald, but Hollier, Leik and Barkley all have review programs. Good luck! You can do this!!
  15. rninme

    Passed ANCC Exam 6-8-2016

    I did a body system a day. Read my review books, consulted patho and physical exam texts if I had questions or didn't understand something. Then I did questions on that subject. Back to review as needed - then on to the next system. Devoted a lot of time to professional issues, research, etc. Studied for a couple of hours, took a break and then back to it. Usually around 6 hours per day. Last couple of days before I tested, I actually took it pretty easy. Found I was getting things jumbled around in my head - knowledge and fact overload! Night before I tested, I went back and looked at research, professional issues, etc. Felt good that morning - late for my appointment due to a wreck on the interstate ... LOL. But, felt good once I finally got in and sat at the computer. Pay attention to the instructions - they tell you how to strike out answers and highlight. I used the strike out feature a lot. Seemed to help me focus in on the correct answer.