Bomb Attack On London

  1. 0 bomb attack x 7 in London (6 x tube stations and 1 bus)

    My thoughts and wishes go with everyone in London and any visitors to the country caught up in the blasts
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    Please stay safe everyone. Will surely be praying for you all.
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    My heart goes to everyone that was injured. I'll be praying for them all.
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    Terrible. Suicide bombers come to mind as soon as I hear this type of news. How dreadful either way.

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    Quote from z's playa
    Terrible. Suicide bombers come to mind as soon as I hear this type of news. How dreadful either way.


    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you....
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    0 my thoughts & prayers...
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    I feel so angry about this - I am so sorry for all our British friends. This is just horrible. You are all in our thoughts.
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    Been up watching the news on this since 0630... simply horrible. Certainly our hearts are with all of you in this devastating tragedy. Will be keeping our eyes on this situation for the remainder of the day.. and weeks to come.

    Please stay safe, and sincerely hope that none of our British Allnurses friends have been personally affected in any way.. may their loved ones all be well.

    (((HUGS))) to all of you.
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    Be safe everyone.

    Our prayers are with you all.
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    i have a lot of nurse friends in London. I just hope they are all safe.

    They say it's another terrorist attack? :angryfire
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    Just heard about it, stayed in a few extra minutes. Can't believe it...........
    Hugs to all of you and your families................
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    Cannot believe what has happened my thoughts and wishes with the family and friends of the victims.
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    So sorry this has happened in your beautiful, welcoming city.

    I will keep you in my thoughts.

    How horrible.

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