PLEASE HELP Before they kick me out!

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    I am in my 2nd semester of nursing school. My school has never been big on strictly enforcing attendance rules. So imagine my surprise when I get called into the DON's office to be told that they are failing me for missing 2 days in this term! Come to find out, they are also doing this to 4 other students. No warning, or anything.

    I have 3 kids so things come up and I may miss a day here and there but I put in MORE than enough study time to make sure I do not fall behind. I am a straight A student and I do not think this is right! Two of the other students they are doing this to had doctors notes for being absent, but they were told that absences are not excused under any circumstances.

    I don't know what to do. I have put so much time, energy, and money into this program and I am not ready to give up.

    Is there any advice anyone can give to help me out??

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    Read the syllabus as these rules will be strictly spelled out with consequences identified. Never assume that because they "didn't strictly enforce it" means that you are immune. The state BON often spells out exactly how many hours of clinical are necessary to qualify to be able to take NCLEX; I would not be surprised if some have requirements for classroom time as well. As for having children, sorry, I don't buy that excuse. Those who are childless also have other commitments in addition to school.

    Bottom line: know the school's policies and follow them, whether you think they are being enforced or not. Then no one needs to worry about issues like this.

    Knowing the school's policies also includes knowing their appeals process. If you feel you are being unfairly targeted, utilize the appeals process as it is outlined by your school. However, be prepared for them to agree with the prior decision as technically, they are adhering to policy. Then buck up, repeat the course, and graduate.
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    Time to get busy and look up policy and procedure related to this matter. My guess is (since you had no clue) that you weren't warned or asked for an excuse letter from a doc. So, there's basically no documentation. Get a journal book and write down everything you remember about the absences and then anytime there's a conversation or contact about the matter, keep good notes.

    If you're borrowing money, check that out to in reference to attendance; you never know.

    Let the school know you are serious. Talk to the nursing counselor and if that fails and there's no policy stating expulsion type stuff in the p/p get a lawyer. I missed a few days when I went to school; life happens. Think about are paying them.

    Talk to the other students about their situations if they're willing. A class action suit may really get the school to rescind but you need to know how bad the other student's attendance was. Either way seek legal counsel if all else fails.

    Good luck to you.
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    I'm sure in the beginning of the program the rules were explained to everybody concerning attendance, cheating, requirements and everything. When I went to school full-time, I was also working full-time on 3rd shift, a single mother of 2, and I had to travel 45 mins mon thru fri back n forth to get to school/clinicals. I never missed a day and was always on time. So having children is not an excuse.
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    I think everyone needs to get off their high horse. Life gets in the way sometimes (children or not). People get sick, family members die ect. Good for you guys for never missing a day, not everyone has that luxury.
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    If I miss 2 days of work without any reason or letting my manager know (in this case your instructors) I'd probably get in trouble too.
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    When you work hospitals usually have a policy about 3 sick calls in 6 months gets you written up. 2 write ups place on a behavior plan/probation....3rd warning...fired.

    Not "knowing" the policy does not get you excused. It is your responsibility to know the student handbook...I am sure somewhere along the line someone said..."It is your responsibility to know the handbook". So they have been lax in the past...that doesn't mean they will be in the future.....maybe the state board did a spot audit and they got called on the carpet...a lesson for all. When my BIL lay dying...critical in the nieces school would only excuse her for the funeral.

    It's like Saying your didn't know murder was illegal, and no one told you, so it's ok. But is isn't. If you are not told a policy at work and you do it doesn't absolve you for it is your responsibility to know the policies and procedures. The BON will not spoon feed you your Nurse Practice Act of your state ......but it is your responsibility to KNOW it....and follow it.

    Yes ...things occur...maybe they decided they were being taken advantage of by some and decided it was time to put a stop to it all. To be fair across the board.

    You can try to throw yourself at their mercy and beg forgiveness. But if they are enforcing the rules .....those are the rules.

    I am sorry your are going through this...but lesson learned.
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    Quote from brithoover
    I think everyone needs to get off their high horse. Life gets in the way sometimes (children or not). People get sick, family members die ect. Good for you guys for never missing a day, not everyone has that luxury.
    Rules are rules...this is NOT a "high horse" issue.

    One of the things about life and in nursing is knowing the rules and making sure they are followed; you can't just claim ignorance to "not knowing", or "they were lax before."

    Life does get in the way; however the rest of the world keeps turning.
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    If it's not in the syllabi then it's in the handbook! Always tell a professor prior to missing class, even if it's at last minute!
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    Quote from brithoover
    I think everyone needs to get off their high horse. Life gets in the way sometimes (children or not). People get sick, family members die ect. Good for you guys for never missing a day, not everyone has that luxury.
    Exactly. Everybody with their 'I Have 19 kids and a bunny and neve miss/missed a day. ' good for you!

    As for the OP make sure you read the rules. I know I never remember the policy once it's told to us at the beginning of the semester. I jut has to ask my classmates how any clinicals we can miss cause I forgot.
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