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petethecanuck has 3 years experience and specializes in Cardiology.

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  1. petethecanuck

    MEN, dont come into nursing

    TO the OP. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out and good riddance. The less cynical bitter people in our profession the better. Peace out
  2. petethecanuck

    Trevor's nursing journal

    If you click on your "account" link, there is a blog tab. You could try that. Not sure a general forum thread is the best place for a personal journal. Pro-tip: Get used to the idea of having far worse things then long hair stuck to your pants after a day of work. cheers :)
  3. petethecanuck

    Alberta Cuts Nursing Jobs and to "Restructure Health Care"

    Where do I begin... First: To people who are lamenting their profession of CHOICE: "if I only knew then, what I know now. I would have pick something else...".. well no one is stopping you. Go pursue your dreams! I came to nursing in my late 30's.. it's never too late to make a career change. Second: I'm not anti LPN [although I don't particularly enjoy working with them as it adds to my workload) but I honestly believe that if someone has the intellect and potential to gain entry into and complete a BN (BSN) program they should take that degree and run with it. (Right now) It may look appealing to do the 16 month LPN diploma but long term, you're selling yourself short. That degree will open so many more doors for you later in life. It may not be in nursing but you will be much more competitive in the job market 10-15 years from now with a univeristy degree then a college diploma. Third: This is 2013. There is no such thing as job security anymore. In any profession. Have a nice day :) edit added: Good on ya flyingchange. Hope you get accepted. I'm going all the way to doctorate (in nursing) :)
  4. petethecanuck

    PLEASE HELP Before they kick me out!

    If I miss 2 days of work without any reason or letting my manager know (in this case your instructors) I'd probably get in trouble too.
  5. petethecanuck

    Thinking about become a (male) Nurse, parents disapprove

    I think she mistook our avatar's. :) We're all entitled to our own professional opinions Fiona and sorry you find my views about an LPN diploma option for the OP offensive. IMHO it would be a big step backward for him.
  6. petethecanuck

    Thinking about become a (male) Nurse, parents disapprove

    It's all fine and dandy to pursue nursing if that is your passion and dream. However, you have to ask yourself.. what do you really want to do? Watching a YouTube vid is great and I'm happy it peaked your interest but I would seriously recommend you look into volunteering in a health care setting first to see if you REALLY want to pursue a career in nursing. I would also recommend you speak with some nursing faculty at your Uni and perhaps they can put you in touch with some practice instructors and you could shadow them on a clinical day. Whatever you do, just don't make a huge decision like this based something you watched on the internet. Do some research, talk to lots of people who work in different settings. Use your Uni's Faculty of Nursing as a resource and finally, go for the Bachelor of Nursing. Getting a practical nurse diploma is a waste of your time.
  7. petethecanuck

    Are RN's going to be a thing of the past?

    Really? This thread has turned into an RN bash? Oh the stories I can tell you from some of the LPN's I work with...... Now I know why I never check the CDN forums anymore /eyeroll
  8. petethecanuck

    Finishing my nursing degree in Australia

    Nope. You are better off repeating your clinical that you failed here in Canada. Sorry kiddo but I'm going to give you some tough love and a bit of a reality check. It sounds like you need it, so I say this with no malice. Previously you indicated that you don't want to do another 2 years of nursing school, yet you are entertaining the idea of moving 14,000 km away to go to nursing school where it's going to take you at least two years to complete anyway? I won't even begin to talk about additional tens of thousands of dollars a move like that is going to cost you, let alone the time and money lost if you ever wanted to return and work in Canada. You may be a Canadian citizen, but in the eyes of the province you want to work in, you're an IEN. If you are so desperate to become a nurse by entertaining the idea of going to school in Australia, suck it up and redo your third year clinicals, graduate here in Canada and then go down to Australia. Hey, it's only two years out of your life right?
  9. petethecanuck

    UofAlberta or UofCalgary Nursing Program

    Read up on problem based learning AKA context based learning and see if that style would resonate with you. If you've never heard those terms before, I suggest you research the U of A a bit more. :)
  10. I'm going to assume you mean fast track RN programs in Canada. protip: google is your friend :) : https://www.google.com/search?q=2+year+registered+nursing+programs+in+canada&ie=UTF-8
  11. petethecanuck

    Yrs of experience required to get certified

    If you have a BN or BSN you can apply for initial certification under option B in which case you only need 1950 hrs over the past 3 years. Please refer to Page 2 on the application form: http://www.nurseone.ca/docs/NurseOne/Certification/Cert_Application_Guide_2013_e.pdf
  12. petethecanuck

    8hr vs. 12hr work days

    I love my 12 hr shifts and don't think I could ever return to an 8 hr workday. Especially if it's Mon - Fri 7-3. The hours I do in 3 shifts of 12's takes someone 4.5 shifts doing 8's. I'll enjoy my extra 1.5 days off thank you very much. :)
  13. petethecanuck

    Student - first Nursing Care plan

    When doing your assessments/care plans always use your ABC's as a starting point and then go from there. Good luck! As a side point, what was your rationale for choosing activity intolerance? It's always helpful to reflect upon our decisoin making process. :)
  14. petethecanuck


    Yes, I believe you have 5 years to write and pass the CRNE after graduation.
  15. petethecanuck

    Calgary or Edmonton?

    Ok, I've been following this thread and I feel someone should speak up for Calgary. We're not all snobs down here and yes the Olympics in '88 were epic and the Stampede has it's highlights sans the drunken oil execs who think they are 18 again . We have very mild winters, long beautiful Indian Summers and hey, once the South Campus ramps up operations, it will be a really nice Hospital! :)
  16. petethecanuck


    Go to your fundamentals texts: Potter and Perry's, Koizer et al etc. Do every question at the end of each chapter spending particular attention to the health and wellness sections. edit added: @ Pantoronto Please see this link for the CNA compentencies you should be using as a study outline. You WILL have at least one question covering each competency. http://www2.cna-aiic.ca/CNA/nursing/rnexam/competencies/default_e.aspx