What's the BEST nursing shoes?

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    12 hour shifts! OMG!! All that walking, standing, and sometimes running! Ive had Crocs, Regualr tennis shoes, Merrell running shoes... the list goes on!!! But what is the BEST nursing shoes to have out there? Ive heard nurses talk about "Dancecoes". They look so uncomfortable... Hmm... What are your thoughts?? Experiences??
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    I think you mean Danskos and they are comfortable but you have to get used to them and not everyone can wear them.. I love my heel never really touches.. No rubbing.. I also like they are 2.5 inches taller and I'm short I have been through so many different brands over the years and regular tennis shoes last about 6 months.. Money thrown away.. Danskos will last a long time.. Timberline has a brand that everyone is raving about, they were comfortable and gave lots of toe room but they were tight on my heels.
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    The BEST are the ones that work for YOU! Seriously, you have to figure this out on your own because everyone has such different issues. For years, I swore by Birkenstock and couldn't have worked at the bedside without them. Then one of my arches collapsed and I could no longer wear ANY Birkenstock. That's when I discovered Dansko and now I swear that I couldn't be a nurse without Dansko.

    Unfortunately, all of the top contenders are expensive. Go to a reputable shoe store (Walking Company, for instance) and get a recommendation, based upon their evaluation of your feet.
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    LOVE Danskos. Own five pairs. It's pretty much the only shoe I wear, ever, except for summer sandals.
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    Quote from klone
    LOVE Danskos. Own five pairs. It's pretty much the only shoe I wear, ever, except for summer sandals.
    . Even my summer sandals are Dansko!
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    Yes that is what I mean! Thank you for claifying. Its hard toknow what works for you unless you have tried them. If I could, I would wear my crocs to work! Its aginst dresscode however. Thank you for your input! I will have to look into Timnerline!
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    Ive heard Danskos take some time to adjust to and they are expensive! I guess I will never know till I try! Its worth sinking some money into a good pair of reputable shoes. Thank you for the input everybody!
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    Yeah Timberlines are in the same price range as Danskos so get ready to spend about 130.00 depending where you get them from.. When I went shopping, I was there for over 2 hours and walked and walked and walked. Stood, changed to a different brand or one of each trying to decide LOL.. It was too funny or sad it took me that long
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    Hey if I was going to spend almost $200 on a pair of shoes I would do the same thing! Haha thats how it was for me when I got my Merrell running shoes for $115!
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