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  1. Claudster

    What's the BEST nursing shoes?

    We did a "Nursing Unboxed" video with the ZCoiL shoe. Watch for the 15% discount code in the video!
  2. Listing to lectures on the go is a great study hack especially with how easy it is now because of smartphones! You can get your cardio in and get your learn on! To build on top of that, I started using Microsoft "Office Lens" and "OneNote" to snap pics of the whiteboards from lectures as well. I think it is available for both andriod and apple. I find that listing to lectures and reviewing the whiteboards within 24 increases my retention. Thanks for the hack... keep up the great vids!
  3. Claudster

    Keep Moving!

    These tips are awesome! They all add to the mindset of being active and fit. Fitness = Mindset After working doubles back to back, we can become out of tune with our muscles. We start to play tricks on our mind. We start believing we don't need to worry about our bodies right now because we have been working hard and we don't have the time. I know I have been guilty of this. Next thing you know 3 months pass by and I haven't been to the gym once.