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12 hour shifts! OMG!! All that walking, standing, and sometimes running! Ive had Crocs, Regualr tennis shoes, Merrell running shoes... the list goes on!!! But what is the BEST nursing shoes to have out there? Ive heard nurses... Read More

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    Danskos hands down! They last over 5 years (if you don't get patent leather or prints) and get me through 12 hour shifts. If you're not sure about plunking down $125 for a pair, go into a store, figure out your size, and buy a used pair on ebay. I promise you, if they work for you the money won't be an issue the next time! I've bought used pairs for work, as they only get worn to work. But if you're a size wide or narrow, your only option is may be new and full price...
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    I have to wear orthaheel shoes -- they are a tennis shoe with an orthotic built in. Honestly find a pair that you like. A really good pair of shoes is a) hard to find & b) WELL worth the money! I gave looked at Danskos but I would have to put my orthotics in them. Good luck!
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    I love my Danskos, they do take some getting used to. I wore mine around at home before I actually wore them to work. The first couple of times I wore them at work I took an extra pair of shoes just in case. I really like Asics tennis shoes too.
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    Nike shox, always. They're pricey, but I only wear mine to work & they last about a year.
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    I can't wear Dansko either; flat feet. Merrills are good and crocs are what I wear now. I used to wear Ryka but they stopped making the style I liked. Also can't wear most nikes; reeboks don't work for 12 hr shifts. You need to figure out what works for your feet. Good Luck!
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    Everyone told me Danskos when I started but that was wasted money for me. I have bunions and they are uncompromisingly hard on them. Plus they are soo heavy and easy to turn your ankle on! Even if I didn't have the bunions I wouldn't understand the glory of those wooden beasts.

    A nurse I know swears by Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® Z-Coils. The website says try risk-free for 30 days! I wish Danskos had offered a deal like that!
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    Merrells work for me. Danskos , I have tried, but for those of us who are "of size : lol, not too good when pts are sleeping. You can hear me coming a mile away.clop clop clop.I also have turned my ankles in them. Too bad, I like the variety.
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    I wear some Adidas sneakers, had em for a few years. I never leave work with sore feet.
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    Well, I guess Danskos are out for me: I have wide flat feet and bunions (I know everybody wanted to know how attractive my feet are).
    I thought about Danskos (because I am reaching the point of desperation with my feet and ankles) but they just don't look comfortable-- too heavy.
    Besides, I can't wear such a heavy shoe without looking like Frankenstein's Monster, ya know?
    I loved Nike and I have found I could actually toss them in the washer with a dollop of bleach and they would actually survive the ordeal... but they aren't working for me anymore
    I like Crocs because I can scrub them down with a Sani-wipe... but they aren't working for me anymore either!
    I think I've got a good case of arthritis and some neuropathy going on and I think I'm just going to have to accept the fact that I need a podiatrist, orthotics and... and... Grandma shoes!!!!
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    sanitas. original sole maker of danskos. went thru returning 10 pairs of shoes last year to zappos and three hours at a shoe specialty store. they aren't perfect but by far are the best for me. I did like the allegria's too, but made my feet soooo hot! my forefoot is wider than heel so clogs work and i got a little larger size and wear cushioned socks and they work fairly well.

    will try something else eventually but after 8 months of searching I just landed on these. I have trouble buying all kinds of shoes, not only for work.

    I do like cork soles for shoes as well...seem pretty comfy.

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