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cardiacrocks has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiac.

Married, with 2 children, one son who is my biological son and one step-daugther. I start Graduate school this fall (2013) FNP program, so exciting.

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  1. cardiacrocks

    March 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Management told us to take all the clocks out of the patients rooms today, and at 3pm we had to put them all back. Let's get started on yet another project by administration, sigh.
  2. cardiacrocks

    New position in the OR

    Thank you. Fortunately, I have a great sense of humor. Also, working in the restaurant business for 20 years helped me develop a thick skin and a sick sense of humor. I've been in on some surgeries and have seen some of what goes on the the OR, I lik...
  3. cardiacrocks

    New position in the OR

    I'm very excited, I just excepted a position in the OR on day shift. I have been a med-surg/tele, (on a very busy cardiac floor) nurse for almost 3 years. I am done with bedside nursing. I know I wanted to have a strong med-surg background coming rig...
  4. cardiacrocks

    First Post- Not a nurse yet... advice for an old guy?

    First of all you aren't "old." I started a new career in nursing at the age of 47, yes, I started 2 years ago when I turned 47. I was never in healthcare before, I was in the insurance industry. I held a B.A. degree in psychology but decided that is ...
  5. cardiacrocks

    What is your Holiday pay like??

    I work just weekends, I get paid a lot more to work weekends; However, I also bank far less PTO time. So, if a holiday falls on my weekend I receive double pay and do not have to use my PTO time ever. If I have a holiday off because it doesn't fall o...
  6. cardiacrocks

    August 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Oh I see you have been told you have half the floor tonight, good luck.
  7. cardiacrocks

    August 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    I think we should hook you up to telemetry and insert a Foley catheter, If you plan on drinking that entire cup of coffee.
  8. cardiacrocks

    Father going back to school for nursing - Need advice

    I'm just curious how old you are, if you don't mind me asking? Also, you should obtain your BSN, I'm going to assume you are on the ADN track right now, is that correct? Once you have secured a job and obtain your BSN then you can move forward to th...
  9. cardiacrocks

    Will they contact State Board

    Something about this post just doesn't seem right to me at all. I'm sensing some red flags here. First of all, why would she have to give regular insulin to someone with a BS of 121, usually when you give NPH the regular would be on a sliding scale a...
  10. cardiacrocks

    Reactions to being a NP

    "Major changes need to happen to the NP model because within a decade it's going to be ruined. The huge influx of schools and grads, most of whom have no RN experience and may not even be good providers due to lack of standards, will oversupply the m...
  11. cardiacrocks

    Travel assignment in Houston -- does this sound competitive?

    I make way more than that as a staff nurse, good luck.
  12. At my hospital we are so short staffed we hire a great deal of GN's. We keep expanding, this whole area is hiring. I live in upstate NY and work at a hospital in PA. Many GN's come from all over the country to get experience here. Good luck, you migh...
  13. cardiacrocks

    DNP....Is it worth it for me????

    As I previously stated, the third year is all online, so this is the time to act. You won't be separated. I think if you don't do this now you will regret it, but again ultimately this is your decision.
  14. cardiacrocks

    DNP....Is it worth it for me????

    Actually, this is not true at all. I am also enrolled in the 2013 FNP program for the Doctoral track and I take one additional class each semester and you pay Master level rates. You don't pay the Doctoral level rates until the 3rd year. You can sit ...
  15. cardiacrocks

    Case Study: Solve A Neurologic Mystery

    I love this kind of stuff, very interesting. I was thinking thyroid storm along with Rhab. Thanks for the presentation. It's great to see how other nurses think.