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    I did something similar with my Med/Surg book, but I just had it 3-hole drilled and put it in a 4" binder, then I would pull the chapters that were to be covered for each section and place them in a 1" binder to take with me to class and for reading. It accomplished two things, one, it was a LOT lighter to carry AND it made my reading look not quite so daunting. If I remember correctly it cost me about $8 for Kinko's do do that. Once I did that, I didn't have to carry a backpack or roller bag at all, just a small canvas bag with my binder, highlighters, note pad and pens/pencils.

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    Well I was in a LVN program we were told to bring all our books everday cause the subjects may be changed. one day instead of anatomy we haad pharm. we all had suitcases on wheels. You could tell who was in lvn program. It sucked when elevator out of order an we had to go upstairs. we had two guys in the class an they would carry them upstairs an down for all 30 of us.
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    I never really carried a backpack around, only something that was big enough to atleast handle my biggest book which was always the MED-SURG book. During clinicals i left ALL my books and notes in my car. Just in case the day didnt go as planned. I remember one day for med-surg clinicals we spent our entire day in the balcony of a LTCC because there was a discrepancy with scheduling. Luckily I had books that my instructor used for reviewing material.

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