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  1. I have since left Guardian 5 years ago do to not being schedule enough patients. For them to be able to schedule me I was working out of 2 different offices in 2 different cities. They tried really hard an if I didn't have a family that depends on my check I would have stayed. I am making less as a state nurse but I know what I am making each month.
  2. NissaNurse

    Interview next week. Nervous

    Ok another question what should I wear to interview? I will be leaving from work and going straight to interview? I am normally in scrubs or jeans and polo shirt with our logo.
  3. NissaNurse

    Interview next week. Nervous

    I have a interview for PreK-5th grade school nurse next week and I am nervous. I have done home health and worked in nursing homes. Past 2 almost 3 years I have worked at a state supported living center and have worked with many individuals with developmental disabilities. I feel that this has helped me with working with seizures, autism, down syndrome etc. I am really needing this position as it will be better schedule wise for my family. I am just nervous what is usually covered in a School Nurse Interview? Thanks
  4. NissaNurse

    LVN Telephonic Service Coordinator

    Ok I don't know exactly which group this would fit it. I just applied for a positon with a company as a LVN Telephonic Service Coordinator with United Health Group . Does anyone know where to find more information or has had a position like this. Thanks
  5. NissaNurse

    How do you organize your day

    I will be mainly doing med passes an treatments
  6. NissaNurse

    How do you organize your day

    I was just wondering how does everyone organize their day? I work in a state supported living center for individuals with developmental disabilites. I was a home health nurse before accepting this positon.
  7. NissaNurse

    How do you organize your day

    I was just wondering how does everyone organize their day? I work in a state supported living center for individuals with developmental disabilites. I was a home health nurse before accepting this positon.
  8. NissaNurse

    going for interview but starting to seem shady

    Well over a year later an the shady sounding agency contacted me . I told them I was still not interested .
  9. NissaNurse

    Can you have a life AND do HH?

    I have been doing home helath since 2008 It's not easy.. Documentation an the many miles an endless phone calls. Once you get your own routine down its fine but after
  10. NissaNurse

    Burnt Out but still hanging in there! HELP!

    Well i had put in an application at the state school. Kinda spur of the moment this looks interesting kinda thing. I didn't complete it or submit it. They called me an asked me to finish it if I was still interested. 30 minutes after signing it I got a call to set up an interview for yesterday an after an hour long interview was hired on the spot. I start on Dec 1. with hours from 6 am -2pm an a 25 mintue commute. I am excited but still going what have I done. My coworker has jokingly said she would smack me if i turned this new job don since it is so much better for me. I will miss her I have learned a lot from her. my husband glad because he won't have to change the oil in car as much. i have a 1992 car with almost 4 hundred thousand miles ( can't afford a car payment right now so we just keep fixing this one) and the cost of tires . I had two blowouts in less than a month tires to fit are $100 an those are cheap ones. So I am an excited but nervous. Finally broke out of my home health comfort zone
  11. Ugh just feeling burnt out with home health. I have been doing home health since 2008. Seems like we are just having more paperwork to do. Sitting in meetings every week instead of talking about patients its all about the politics of the field. None of my usual tricks such as buying a new set of scrubs or new stethoscope or BP cuff which would usually get me excited are no longer working. Just tired of the 250 + miles a day an the charting an paperwork I do when I get home. I have put in other applications but do not want to leave current position till I have another one secured. I have a family of 4 kids an husband an he can't support us by his self. Does anyone have any advice to get out of this funk I am in?
  12. NissaNurse

    Leaving home health HELP

    Ok I been in the home health field as a LVN for 6 years. I have a interview at a express (urgent ) care clinic on Thursday. Tired of living paycheck to paycheck feast or famine life that seems so common with home health. I want a consistent paycheck. What are typical duties of a LVN in a clinic setting? Thanks
  13. NissaNurse

    how do your organize your "stuff"?

    I love the bags from Hopkins Medical Products. Been doing home health since 2008 an mine orignal bag is still going strong an I work full time an on call so it gets a lot of use
  14. Well come end of March I will have been with Guardian for a year an still loving it:yeah:. I will have to take maternity leave in April an after I come back hoping to transfer to office that is a little closer to my home but I don't see myself leaving this agency anytime soon. They treat the employees great. I get oncall pay paid extra for holidays, mileage, paid for going to case conference. I can sit at home an do chart reviews an get paid for them. Plus benefits. Been doing home health since 2008 an this past year with Guardian has to be the best an happiest time I have ever had in home health.
  15. NissaNurse

    HH supplies

    Got my bag from Hopkins