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NottaSpringChik has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. NottaSpringChik

    Good Excuses for Missing Work

    Your angels must have been watching over you when you got that job!!
  2. NottaSpringChik

    My Reasons For Avoiding The Acute Care Hospital

    Thank you so much for this article. I always enjoy hearing from you!! I am a second career nurse who realized in my last semester of nursing school that acute care just wasn't for me. It was almost impossible for new grad ADNs to get hospital jobs here where I live anyway, so I was very lucky to get a job in corrections, which I really loved. Currently I am working PRN in corrections and PDN for a special-needs child. What a great variety, huh? Not as much money as I could possibly make if I had gotten that acute care experience, but I recently told a friend that at my stage of life I wanted work that enhanced my life, not shortened it. I know that acute care would drive me (or God forbid, someone else!!) to an early grave. If I was younger I know I would have wanted that acute care experience and I felt really bad about missing out on it for a while. Just recently though I realized I have grown into being a confident, competent nurse in my own specialties and possibly even have strengths that the nurses being run ragged in the hospital haven't had a chance to develop. Thanks again for your article.
  3. NottaSpringChik

    Jumping at Shadows: A Haunted Hospital Story

    Delightful!! I couldn't quit reading, and I loved the ending!
  4. NottaSpringChik

    Is My Nursing License At Risk?

    I agree, it is really scary.
  5. NottaSpringChik

    So happy to finally join the ranks of correctional nurses!

    Hello, I am so happy to hear from all of you too. I am a first-year RN - working at two County jails for almost a year now. I really do love it also. I think it is a very good fit for me for a variety of reasons. Your background in Psych nursing is a big asset I would guess.
  6. NottaSpringChik

    LPN's in county jail?

    the LPNs where I work do everything the RN does except the Health Physical. Our LPNs have a ton of experience and the RNS mostly do not; they are all very capable and we work as a team with no heirarchy issues, except the FT people tend to have more say in things than the PRN.
  7. NottaSpringChik

    4 medication errors in 11 months

    I am new nurse too and for a while I also thought any moment I would be called in and let go. Thankfully, things finally smoothed out for me, but I have dreams in which I am late giving meds or something similar. One of my nursing instructors told me that all the years she was nurse she dreamt it was Noon and she hadn't given 0800 meds. The dreams stopped when she was working as a professor and started again when she took some work as a staff nurse. I would talk to your supervisors about how they think you are doing. I think the good thing you are doing is #1 taking responsibility and #2 making changes to your practice to help prevent errors. I had that problem when I first started and even in clinicals, but now I am amazed at how much better I am at remembering things since I am into the routine. At first it was real issue for me though and I was really worried I couldn't be a nurse, as I have always been a bit absent minded. But I think, with practice, I am amazed, things are coming much easier now.
  8. NottaSpringChik

    Why Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    I have been a nurse for almost a year now and nursing is a second career for me. I can say in my former business, telecommunications, there was definately a hostile environment toward anyone new. I myself felt it toward the new people, but recognition is valuable and I went out of my way to be welcoming and within a few minutes the hostile feeling toward "the other" went away. I just think it is human nature to be wary and unwelcoming to stranger, invader, "other." However, we should be intelligent, perceptive, empathetic and professional enough to overcome base instincts! As a nursing student in clinicals I encountered harshness only once or twice, but I witnessed it by other nurses on "agency" nurses and also on an experienced nurse who had just started working at the hospital. The nurses were so unkind and unhelpful to these people. And an excellent point was made here - a patient's health, wellbeing, and possibly even their life is at stake! In one instance the agency nurse had tried many ways during night shift to get help with some equipment that was malfunctioning, she was ignored and not helped, and the next day it was all the talk about how remiss she was because the problem wasn't addressed. The other was a nurse with patient in severe respiratory problem and hypoglycemic and she could get no help; the code team stood around and made fun of her! "I think she (the nurse) needs the code." It was bizarre and we (the nursing students) were appalled.
  9. NottaSpringChik

    What does your username mean?

    I love calico cats and pinto horses. I don't know how I chose calico as a user name though, although I think of my personality as having a lot of different parts that don't necessarily fit together all that well. I also love the number 5, I don't know why that is either. Have enjoyed this topic!
  10. NottaSpringChik

    Nursing Theory: Did we throw the baby out with the bathwater?

    I love what you said here. We should not run from the bedside or be ashamed of the human contact in our jobs as nurses. I still see this as a privilege and part of the intimacy and trust our patients give to us.
  11. Hi, I am looking for an incredibly generous nephrology or dialysis nurse to help me with a school assignment. I am an ADN RN working on RN-BSN. I graduated with ADN in May 2010 and now work in a setting in which all my collegues do the same work as I am doing. My class assignment is to conduct an interview with a nurse in a speciality in which I am interested. The interview can be conducted via email. Any takers? If you are interested perhaps you could send me a private message, or post here and I will send you one. There are approximately 5 questions or so - examples are "how did you get into this field; What education is necessary for this specialty. Thank you so much for any consideration you give this.
  12. NottaSpringChik

    Starting Nursing at 52 and Nervous

    Oh Anniee, I'm so sorry that went like that! It would probably be horrible working there though! How ignorant these people are! Don't they know it is 2010, not 1952! Good Grief! Keep the faith, please.
  13. NottaSpringChik

    Starting Nursing at 52 and Nervous

    Hi all, thank you for all the great replies. I graduated ADN in May and I will be 58 in December. The entire time I was in nursing school I wanted to work in a hospital, but during last semester I realized it probably would be better for me to pursue another category of nursing. I was in an accident 6 years ago and burst fractured L1 - have an ant/pos fusion and all lumbar vertabraes have compression fx. Fortunately and miraculously, I am probably not in much more pain than the average 57 year old, and maybe even less than the average nurse my age! However, I knew I was blessed to make it through school with the lifting not taking some catastrophic toll on me. Also, it is not necessary for me to pursue the greatest amount of money my education can bring since I am retired from another job. I started a job in Correctional healthcare (County jail) in July. I am really loving it. I am very disappointed going into hospital was not to be, but I trust in my intuition (and angels) to lead me to the correct paths. I am planning on furthering my eduation to at least BSN, and also look for opportunities to develop skills I may not use enough in this nursing job. Good Luck to all of us new grads, older and young. And praise be to all the wonderful nurses who have the experience and are willing to spend the time and effort to teach us all. You are all so special. :redpinkhe
  14. NottaSpringChik

    Lake City ER sends starving disabled boy home with just a note

    Maybe a nurse didn't even write the note! I agree we not hearing the whole story and what we are hearing may not be completely true.
  15. NottaSpringChik

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Just want to say the "good" pop-up worked for me too! I am an RN now! with all the rights, privileges and liabilities .. I mean responsibilities thereto. :)