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  1. Will taking TNCC help me transition easier to ER?

    This might be appealing to an ED manager, but it means nothing without experience. I work in a trauma center and you work for 6 months to a year before they put you in the course.
  2. Was I told wrong information?

    Yes, you could work for both. I think every state is differen't. In my state you can challenge the state paramedic exam after you have worked as an RN and have obtained your EMT-B certification (which is one semester). I went to EMT school the summer...
  3. Freaking out over needle stick

    Just thought that I would come back and update, since it has been a few months. I know after I first got my needlestick and even now, seeing posts where people came back with updates later on made me feel a lot better... I'm at almost the 4 month mar...
  4. Freaking out over needle stick

    I work in a very busy trauma center and had a needle stick Monday morning at work. I walked into a patient's room and noticed a butterfly needle sitting on the bedside table with no vacutainer attached and thought it was odd since I remember throwing...
  5. Starting PCCN process

    So my goal is to have the PCCN done before August. I recently took the month long AACN formatted critical care class (ECCO) that was offered at a local community college. My telemetry unit sends nurses there several times a year to increase the knowl...
  6. Finally hit one year!

    I finally hit one year as a nurse about a week ago.... And it feels great! One year really does make all the difference. I work on a busy surgical tele unit and I never thought I would actually feel comfortable going to work or dealing with a crisis....
  7. Precepting a nursing student

    Yeah. I like it. I do know my student has to take on at least 2 pts on their own by te end of internship. But again, this is under my log in so it's never really independent. So maybe the first night had them do all te meds then the next night have t...
  8. Precepting a nursing student

    thanks wish_me_luck! good advice!
  9. Precepting a nursing student

    Thanks for the advice! I already planned on the paper brain. To think like me they will definitely need a copy of my paper brain! I can't function without it! Im glad they picked me because I feel like I could really help with bridgi g the gap betwee...
  10. Precepting a nursing student

    My manager told me that I'm going to be Precepting a nursing student next month on their internship and I'm really excited! I love teaching and this time last year I was the nursing student on internship. It sounds so crazy to me! Any how I was wonde...
  11. How did you choose your specialty??

    Ive been a nurse for almost a year now. I work on a surgical telemetry unit and I think that it is a really great place to start. It's more critical than regular med surg but not as acute as ICU with et tubes and drips and stuff. I honestly don't thi...
  12. My floor is getting monitors!

    I work surg tele. We have a monitor tech that watches all 12 hours and an RN sits for them on their breaks. We have to be acls and basic arrhythmia certified. There was a 60 hour class we had to take for the b.a. Cert. strips have to be signed off by...
  13. surgical step-down unit staffing ratios??

    I work surg tele. Days has 4-5 and nights 5-7. It's nuts. Most of our pts are really on the edge of being unit pts.
  14. New Grad, New Job, New Role - Advice?

    Ask lots of questions! My preceptor always told me if you aren't asking questions I get worried. I graduated last spring with my bsn and have been on a surgical telemtetry unit since June. It's challenging, but you learn a lot with surg pts. There ar...
  15. When is it time??

    I guess you could say I'm obsessed with school and love learning. I graduated with my BSN April 2011 and started working on a Surgical-Telemetry unit in June 2011. I've pretty much been thinking about my next step since before graduation. I love my ...