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  1. grownuprosie

    Swedish Nurse residency- jan-feb cohort 2015

    i have not gotten a call. i am not expecting one though. i did all the paperwork from the email and send in the background check on the 6th. if there was some kind of red flag, i assume that they would have contacted me by now. There is supposed to be a bunch of people to ask questions to at the meet and greet.
  2. grownuprosie

    Swedish Nurse residency- jan-feb cohort 2015

    relax. i don't think they are going to contact everyone to let them know their background check went through. i think a clean background check is assumed and they will only contact you otherwise. there was no mention of a UA in any of the documentation they sent me to my recollection. Did yours say there was going to be a UA? just bring a full bladder just in case to the first day. i am sure we can ask questions at the meet and greet. relax. you got the job. if you followed the instructions on the emails they sent you, then you are good to go.
  3. grownuprosie

    Swedish Nurse residency- jan-feb cohort 2015

    got the offer letter yesterday as well. finally... just a few more hoops and we will be Swedish nurses! Don't wait until the last minute to do all the paperwork they sent. It took me way longer than expected. Look forward to meeting you all at the meet and greet in January!
  4. grownuprosie

    Swedish Nurse residency- jan-feb cohort 2015

    I emailed swedish and they confirmed that they are still putting all the offer letters together. they did not forget us!
  5. grownuprosie

    Swedish Nurse residency- jan-feb cohort 2015

    oh, perfect! we are in the same boat as far as the offer letter. I am glad to see that though. I was convincing myself that they changed their mind and decided not to hire me. But since you are waiting to, i figure that is not likely that they forgot me. i dont know what experience you had with them, but I am not surprised that it is taking this long. I can be patient...
  6. grownuprosie

    Swedish Nurse residency- jan-feb cohort 2015

    JollyHolley1986, I will be right above you on 11E! I think i will be starting a little after you guys because I am in the New to Acute Care position, rather than the regular residency, but i am still doing a lot of the same trainings, so I hope to meet you guys then! Please let us know when you all get the offer letters. I cannot wait!
  7. grownuprosie

    Swedish Nurse residency- jan-feb cohort 2015

    Congrats on all the job offers, everyone! I also got the call last week that i am going to be a Swedish RN in February on the nephrology floor on First Hill! I got the call last wednesday, but i have not gotten the official offer letter yet. looking forward to seeing it written down so it will feel real.
  8. grownuprosie

    Swedish Nurse residency- jan-feb cohort 2015

    uptotheskies, Thank you for your quick response and advice! They are trying to fill so many positions that it is not surprising that they have not gotten back to me yet. i will relax a bit now. Good luck everyone on your interviews! I look forward to hearing good news from you all.
  9. grownuprosie

    Swedish Nurse residency- jan-feb cohort 2015

    Hi everyone. I have been lurking on this thread for a bit and it has been incredibly helpful. I applied to the New to Acute Care Residency. I received an email to schedule an HR interview requesting my availability. I replied last wednesday but have not heard back yet. How long did everyone wait for responses from Swedish HR? I am just trying to figure out of this is normal to wait almost a week or if i should be calling. I don't want to seem pushy. Thanks!
  10. grownuprosie

    How translatable is clinic nursing?

    Hi! I just graduated from nursing school, ASN, on friday. The RN residencies in my area are so competative and I have not even gotten a call back from any of them. The light at the end of the tunnel is that I was offered a float RN position at the clinic where I work. I would be floating from DI, derm, endoscopy, urology, surgury center, infusion therapy and also a few phone triage positions. I have been told that once you go out patient, you can never get back into the hospital. I am wondering if having such a wide variety of experiences would allow me to break that mold. My office is so flexible that I can go Per-Diem next year to finish my BSN. I ultimately want to end up in a hospital. I am afraid that I am shooting myself in the foot by considering out-patient for two years. Can anyone advise me? Were you able to move from out-pt to acute care? Thank you so much!
  11. grownuprosie

    How to prepare before nursing school + prereqs

    Check out the Student forum. Just click "Students" in the Yellow bar up top. There is an abundance of info that can help you!
  12. grownuprosie

    Are you Smart enough to be a Nurse?

    This is going to sound cynical, but that means less competition for you when you apply. If they are thinking of finding a new major because nursing requires hard work, maybe nursing is not for them.
  13. grownuprosie

    Allowing Corpsman to Become Nurses

    If you are going to quote our president, please be accurate. your "quote" is no where near the actual text or tone of that part of the debate. Regardless of what you think he meant, we can at least be clear on what he said. OBAMA: You know, I was having lunch with some-a veteran in Minnesota who had been a medic dealing with the most extreme circumstances. When he came home and he wanted to become a nurse, he had to start from scratch. And what we've said is let's change those certifications. The first lady has done great work with an organization called Joining Forces putting our veterans back to work.
  14. I just wanted to add one more thing. There is a student in my class that uses the testing center for exams. I can honestly say that after a year and a half in class with her not a single student has mentioned it. The only reason I know is because she announced it one day. I know that this is significant for you, but no one in your class is going to waste more than a minute on it. Good luck with whatever you decide to do:)
  15. I think the fact that the student came to you directly indicates that she may need help with the same thing. If all she wanted to do was gossip, she would have told all of your classmates not email you. I might tell her exactly what you said here. You did not want the class to know. You will appreciate her discretion in this matter. If she wants to know more about what services the school offers for testing accommodation she should contact student services. about the confidentiality issue, i would think hard before making a fuss about it. It could have been as simple as she saw you going into the testing center, asked some hypothetical questions about the services they offered and came to the conclusion that that is what you are using it for. I have found that Admin personelle can and will be your best resource. Just keep that in mind considering you were not present when this conversation happened and you do not know what was really said.
  16. grownuprosie

    So much for address taken into consideration

    I know what some people will laugh at what I am about to suggest, but if you cannot afford a hotel, what about camping in your car? You could do any after clinical paperwork at a local library or coffee shop. It is not a perfect solution, but in nursing school, you have to do what you have to do!