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  1. grownuprosie

    Mandatory extra shift two days in advance

    I agree, I would contact your Union Rep or HR person to verify the validity of the policy. I had a supervisor cancel my paid time off on a days notice and refuse to provide coverage for my department if i did not come in. The PTO was to take my A&P final which i had requested off three months before. Her explanation is that the company did not grant PTO for education purposes and any future requests would be denied as well if she found out it was for school. I emailed HR about this new "Policy". they said her actions were absolutely not representative of the company and they suport me furthering my education. Heck, They pay my tuition! She was reprimanded by the manager above her as well as HR. Long story short, I got a call from the supervisor the next day appologising profusely and a note of appology from the manager above her. Your supervisor sounds like she just expects no one to challenge her. It sounds like she needs it though.
  2. grownuprosie

    How did you celebrate your nursing school acceptance letter?

    everyone in my program had gotten their letter already, but i had not. i had a pre planned backpacking trip with no phones planned for that weekend. i spent the whole weekend knowing that my answer was waiting for me when i got home... very frustrating. My boyfriend sent me a picture of my cat standing on my acceptance letter. i got the text when my phone got reception as me and 4 friends were driving home. i demanded we pull over and have an impromptu dance party with another car full of friends that we flagged down. great day:)
  3. grownuprosie

    A&P falsh cards

    Check out quizlet.com. there are a ton of free user generated flash cards. you can make them yourself as well. I have been using them to brush up on A&P and med term before my nursing program starts.
  4. grownuprosie

    Rejected and Im not sure what to do? ),:

    I agree with akulahawk, finnish your pre-reqs. You are no where near the admissions radar without them completed. your A&P grades are a big factor in alot of schools admissions. most will not even let you apply without them completed. use this as an oportunity to raise your GPA and rock out in those classes before you give up.
  5. grownuprosie

    Question about a gross misdemeanor charge

    i start ns in the fall and had a similar concern about my va rotation. the website for the va had paperwork that all students and potential employees had to fill out. below is the notation regarding the questions about past convictions. my saving grace is that my offenses were prior to turning 16, so i do not have to disclose. you will still have to disclose the issue to the nursing board when you apply for licensure, but not to the va if it has been expunged. "for questions 9,10, and 11, your answers should include convictions resulting from a plea of nolo contendere (no contest), but omit (1) traffic fines of $300 or less, (2) any violation of law committed before your 16th birthday, (3) any violation of law committed before your 18th birthday if finally decided in juvenile court or under a youth offender law, (4) any conviction set aside under the federal youth corrections act or similar state law, and (5) any conviction for which the record was expunged under federal or state law."
  6. grownuprosie

    Bellevue College 2011

    thanks for sharing that info! i went to NATI in shoreline too. While they do focus more on assisted living than hospitals, it was still very informative and engaging (depending on the nights instructor:)) they are so flexible too. totally worth it.
  7. grownuprosie

    How to get the BON to talk to me about misdmeanor?

    Thanks Carrie_c! that is what i think i am going to do. Did your convictions stop you from clinical at all? Did you have to make special arrangements?
  8. grownuprosie

    Bellevue College 2011

    got it! Thanks for your help!
  9. grownuprosie

    Bellevue College 2011

    i still cannot pay... did you have to do anything special to make it work? it keeps saying invalid student ID. but i know it is right becasue i have checked/rechecked it about 400 times. how did you make it work?
  10. I see many posts with people asking for advice about what to do about a criminal history. The response is always "contact the BON in your state." The problem: the WA BON will not talk to me about it. I will be starting NS in the fall and I dont know what to do. I have a misdmeanor from 2004 in FL when i was 14. I called the BON and was told that i cannot speak to anyone there about licensure until I complete nursing school and apply for a license and that no one could tell me if my crime is an automatic no-go. she said that there was no department or laws that i could reference. My only option is to go to school and apply for the license and see where the chips fall. my question: Is this normal? should i have been allowed to talk to someone? or is this just the way it is? How do you get them to talk to you?
  11. grownuprosie

    Bellevue College 2011

    I am in for Fall too! I am 22. i live on Capitol hill in Seattle. I work full time as a pt services rep at an eye clinic. i have been taking evening classes for 3 years to make this happen. this road was a long one, but we made it. Lets pat our selves on the back:) Looking forward to meeting you all!
  12. grownuprosie

    Bellevue College 2011 hopefuls

    I am in for fall! sltenbroeck, can you post a link to the new thread? i cannot seam to find it. Thanks!
  13. grownuprosie

    Bellevue College 2011 hopefuls

    i know!!! i am leaving on a backpacking trip at 7am tomorrow i will not know until sunday night when i get back. yiikes...
  14. grownuprosie

    Bellevue College 2011 hopefuls

    no letter here... maybe east siders got it sooner? cstatic are you on the east side? UWtheta, i am assuming you are on the seattle side like me if you go to UW. maybe we will get it tomorrow...
  15. grownuprosie

    Bellevue College 2011 hopefuls

    knowing this in advance means that we could potentially buy the bellevue text for CNA and get ourselves up to date though. To me, that is way worth knocking out my CNA training in 10 meetings that work with my schedule.