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    Quote from TiffTiff
    What do you recommend?
    A Forklift?

    Seriously though, like many have already mentioned, I don't bring books to class, unless we are told specifically to "bring this or that book tomorrow". Not only would I need a suitcase to bring them all, I bike to school, so I try to minimize what is in my backpack...folder with powerpoints, notebook, water bottle, lunch, bike lock, fills up rather quickly. If you are just starting, you just have to feel it out to find out which books (if any) you need to have in class.
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    I will be purchasing a backpack on wheels and praying I don't have to carry every book for every class. To me, thats rediculous...but whatever. I'll either leave my books in the car and carry the ones I need if I know I'll be using them, or put them in my locker (I'm fortunate to have one, thank goodness). With breaks in between classes, it should work out and I'll be able to fetch them.
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    I use a JanSport rolling backpack (got on clearance for $35 this time last year from officemax). I actually haven't been using it as much since pretty much all of the books include an access code for an online version. Any work we do at school that involves computers means you have access to the books as well.
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    I also have a Jansport backpack with wheels. I actually got it a few semesters before I even started because I hurt my shoulder and couldn't carry my regular backpack. I love it! I can stuff half my life in it!
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    I have a rolling backpack, however I don't use it much. My books usually stay in my trunk, and I go get them as needed. Whatever works for you. Typically I don't need a book for lecture. Do anyone else's books smell like coffee??
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    A laptop... I downloaded the e-copy from the Elsevier website of all my textbooks that they published. Also, I never had a use the actual textbook during lecture so I ended up leaving them at home. Besides my lectures were all on powerpoints anyway!
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    I've been out of school for about a year now but here's what I did...I had a 3 prong folder for each class as well as a portfolio that could be divided up. We used PowerPoint pretty much in every class so I would print the PowerPoints for that class that week and bring them in the folder to take notes on and then file them by week in the portfolio at the end of the week. We also were given objectives to guide us With the reading so I would type those while I read and printed them out to go with that week.. Sort of ended up being like an outline for the chapters to study with. When I got to the tests I had each week neatly organized with outlines and PowerPoints with all the notes on them. I used a back pack but with the lightness of the folders it was easy to take 1-2 books you might want to bring..don't try and carry everything for a class for the whole semester! I did it for a few months and there was no need. You just kill your back.
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    Here is something you might consider that I and many of my fellow students did. We had a MED-SURG book that was so huge it was totally crazy. It weighed >9 lbs and was so thick that when you opened it parts of the pages were obscured in the center bulk. It was unusable because of it's girth, as well as being a danger to small animals or babies (what if it fell off the table!), not to mention the infeasibility of transporting it to class. We took them to a Kinkos that did binding and had them cut up and rebound in sections. Everyone did it differently - some by the sections according to the study guide, others by sections of consecutive chapters. One suggestion I can make is to have a table of contents page, glossary and index copied and included in each section. This did not adversely affect the longevity of the textbook-I stil have and use all the sections for further studies and reference. It was quite affordable to do this also.
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    Quote from n.cruz-e
    A back pack on wheels!!! Those roller back packs are life savers. Im a nursing student and thats what I use. Im also lucky enough to have lockers at my school..If you don't have lockers then I recommend leaving your books in the car and just go back and forth and get what you need, because If you carry them ALL- it hurts!!

    Hope this helped... and good luck in school
    I just pictured carrying all of my nursing textbooks at once. They take up an entire shelf on my bookshelf, about 3 1/2 ft of text books! I would not have a bag big enough.
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    When I was in school, I just carried my monster nursing binder and then (if I had time to read or they told us to bring the book ahead of time) whatever textbook was appropriate. I used a large tote bag from LLBean, with my name embroidered on. Cute and rugged!

    The drawback IS..... when I would take it to clinical, and we had to leave our stuff in some random room, I didn't like that you could just pull open the top and see all my stuff. I figured out by the end of clinicals that I just basically needed a folder, pen, and stethoscope anyway.

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