Know of any place to sell used scrubs?

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    Between moving into a new house and both my hospitals going to standardized scrub colors, I'd like to sell my old scrubs. Can anyone recommend a place to sell used scrubs? Ebay and Cragislist both seem too vague in terms of categories.

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    You are probably better off just donating them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Even if you are able to sell them you are likely to get pennies on the dollar and in the long run it won't be worth the effort.
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    True, just frustrating. I have probably close to a thousand dollars worth of Koi scrubs.
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    maybe a consignement shop?
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    Problem with a consignment shop is that they are probably going to take 30% of whatever the scrubs sell for which is likely to be in the $1-$3 an item range. The best bet is to just donate them to the goodwill/salvation army and take the tax write off.
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    I did well on ebay.
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    garage sale?? I bought some scrubs for around $5.oo a piece last week....
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    Save a few of them in case you get a side gig, or even change jobs.
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    I am looking for some size L/XLarge Ladies Scrubs if anyone has any they want to sell. Iam a size 14/16 usually. I just got my license, so still a poor student basically. If anyone has any they would like to get rid of, just let me know
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    what about donating them to your local womens' shelter? women frequently arrive with just the clothes on their backs and need absolutely everything. diaper are a very frequently
    requested need and greatly appreciated donation.

    you could also freecycle the scrubs.
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