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Ortho-Trauma, Neuro Critical Care
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lcjRN has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Ortho-Trauma, Neuro Critical Care.

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  1. lcjRN

    Possible Relocation to Atlanta area!!!???

    It was a while back, but I know some of my graduating classmates went to Grady, Atlanta Medical Center, Piedmont, and Northside. I know my ICU at Emory has hired several new grads over the past year.
  2. lcjRN

    Possible Relocation to Atlanta area!!!???

    Depends on what you're looking for. Check out the map on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neighborhoods_of_Atlanta If you're looking for cute, fun areas, I like East Atlanta, Inman Park, Candler Park, Virginia Highlands, Druid Hills, Morningside, downtown Decatur and Emory. Ormewood, Grant Park, Reynoldstown, Edgewood, Cabbagetown, and Old Fourth Ward can be a touch dicey, but are in the process of gentrification, and very cute. I've never lived outside the perimeter, or west of 75/85, so someone else may be able to give you more info on those areas.
  3. lcjRN

    Need words of encouragment

    I agree with most of the above posters. It was irresponsible of them to hire a relatively untrained nurse in a float pool. Talk to your manager, and see if they can put you on one floor for at least six months so you can get your bearing. If they won't, look for work elsewhere with a more responsible employer.
  4. lcjRN

    Possible Relocation to Atlanta area!!!???

    Oh, absolutely. And I'm not talking about a studio apartment. You can get a nice apartment, or even a small house with a yard in great areas if you know where to look. If you find a position, I'm sure there are plenty of people here, myself included, who can give you pointers.
  5. Don't get an LPN. It's nearly impossible to find a job. Most hospitals stopped hiring LPNs, that's why it hard to find LPN programs anymore.
  6. lcjRN

    Know of any place to sell used scrubs?

    True, just frustrating. I have probably close to a thousand dollars worth of Koi scrubs.
  7. lcjRN

    Possible Relocation to Atlanta area!!!???

    It's totally doable to live in the city in a nice place on a nurses salary. I work at Emory, which is really amazing. As a new grad, though, I'm really glad I started at Atlanta Medical Center. Like Grady Medical, it's down and dirty. You're overworked and underpaid, but if you can hack it there, you can hack it anywhere.
  8. lcjRN

    Any ideas on ways of making extra money as an RN?

    Working PRN at a second hospital has been great for me. I make the money I need working full-time night shift, and work days, nights, weekends, whatever fits my schedule. My PRN base pay is more than the overtime pay at my primary job, plus, if I can work it right, I can get bid differentials.
  9. Between moving into a new house and both my hospitals going to standardized scrub colors, I'd like to sell my old scrubs. Can anyone recommend a place to sell used scrubs? Ebay and Cragislist both seem too vague in terms of categories.
  10. lcjRN

    What brands of scrubs are the most comfortable?

    They're expensive, but I love Koi. Super comfy, and unlike a lot of cheaper scrubs, they don't fade after eight thousand washes.