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    Quote from Stephalump
    Or she can wear it because she likes it. That's enough of a reason for me!
    But aren't you missing the point?
    How is it displaying your own personality when you wear the logo/art of some company?
    All you are doing is advertising for that company.
    There is no individuality displayed in this action....on the contrary, it is a sheep mentality that wears logos.
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    [quote=primafacie;6632065]is it really your personality portrayed, when you snap on an item with logo/saying/artwork of some company?rosie the riveter is a cultural icon of the united states, representing the american women who worked in factories during world war ii,[1][2] many of whom produced munitions and war is that your personality or even anything related to nursing? if you want to be unique, or authentic, make it something about you.[/quoteno it doesn't represent me but it shows that women are strong. i'm strong. my mom and grandmother have both suffered from breast cancer. so to me, yeah it does.
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    Me wearing a juicy badge holder is the same thing as someone wearing a holder with Disney characters or some other animal. You wear it because you like it. I happen to like it. There's nothing wrong with Rosie. I know what she stands for. And to me it represents strength of women and it also represents the battles of breast cancer to which my family has suffered from. So before you pass judgement on someone for wanting to wear a badge holder to add some personality, think twice.
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    Thank you stephalump!
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    You should really also check your facility's dress code, as this might be addressed there. Mine does- no badge holders that have any kind of logo, be it a drug company or Disney. It also just makes good sense that it would be something easy to clean with no small bits that can fall off and contaminate anything.
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    How does Rosie the Riveter represent breast cancer?
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    After you have been out working in the nursing world for a while you will understand why most of us say keep it simple and plain. I started out will all kinds of cutesy stuff and little by little I dropped it all. Also never wear my hair down.

    I used to climb telephone poles for the phone company and never got as ruffled looking as I do running the ER all day.

    Yep, the first time you drop a bling in a pts open belly wound, the first time some psyche patient asks you what you have that's "so juicy", the first time your hair falls in the pts poop, and the first time you have to tell parents their kid died while wearing "have a great day" scrubs on you will realize why a lot of us decide to be plain janes at work. I do know some very blingy nurses and it works for them and they are happy. But for me it's the simple life.

    It's okay to experiment though. I think everyone should learn in their own way, in their own time.
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    Why is everyone getting their panties in a bunch of Rosie the riveter...srsly
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    Quote from Pneumothorax
    Why is everyone getting their panties in a bunch of Rosie the riveter...srsly
    Seriously. This conversation has become completely ridiculous.
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    Me - I just keep having these mental images of me wearing a "choose juicy" badge holder - when I'm working the mother of all code browns!

    Far as fancy badge holders - meh. While in principle the OP's appeals to my sense of humor - I work LTC & volunteer in Hospice, so the humor might be lost on some of my charges. Hence; boring, easy to clean plastic for me, if you please. YMMV.

    ----- Dave
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