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Oh, I've been quite a few things over the years - proudest to have been my late mother's caregiver.

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  1. IEDave

    honest feedback on stats CRNA school

    My take: depends a LOT on which CRNA program you're aiming for. Yeah, your overall GPA's going to be a bit low, but you also have solid professional chops to offset that. My experience is that commitees will usually work with you on GPA issues - you ...
  2. IEDave

    Nurses, How do you score on big 5 personality

    Pretty accurate for me - just about the last person you'd expect to be a nurse.?
  3. Looking forward to the responses on this one. I am but a newb LVN, but in a former life was an IT guy. Bachelor's in CS, 23 years experience, yadda yadda, yadda. The minute I go into an interview situation, it's the same thing - "You oughta go into I...
  4. IEDave

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    One of the perks of a) NOC shift, and b) looking old is that I can hit the store during "seniors only" time, which is right after I get off work. Get there right after the shelves are stocked, pick your brand. TP, meat, frozen fruits (heck, I can ev...
  5. Depending on where you are, call ahead first. I'm an LVN in Southern California, and every LTC/SNF is on lockdown. Nobody but essential staff in or out of the facility, period. As far as whether you wanna dive into this right now, frankly it's your c...
  6. Ookay...PrettyNerd, your story could've been written by me. Got my LVN license in May, 2017. Was fired TWICE, am currently on my 4th nursing job. Yep, it happens. Intellectually one of the top students, NCLEX-PN in 85 questions, yadda yadda yadda. Th...
  7. IEDave

    Can I be a nurse without majoring in BSN?

    Just to muddy the waters further... Once upon a time I had a BS in CS (Bachelor's in Computer Science) with a 2.76 cumulative GPA. By hook & by crook, got accepted into a CC VN program (here in California, you get an LVN license instead of an LPN...
  8. IEDave

    What's something you never expected as a male nurse?

    True dat. Being "one of the girls" was, and still is, a real eye opener. In some ways I find it utterly fascinating to sit down and just listen to the conversations, because prior to being a nurse a lot of the topics were "hush-hush". As a
  9. IEDave

    Did your dating life improve when becoming a male nurse?

    As far as nursing being beneficial to a male; in my case, eh, sorta. As noted above, because my profession demands that I be able to communicate with people without losing my cool, that helps. What helped far more was losing 115+ lbs. of accumulated ...
  10. IEDave

    Resign first or wait until I find out if I'm fired?

    Congrats, Calliope - my experience is if they're gunning for you, if you're paying any attention at all you've got a good 1-2 months warning. Look for behavioral changes in supervisors (suddenly getting nicer is a bad sign). End of the day, "trust yo...
  11. Don't have to tell me twice - did it for three years before moving up to LVN. Got one of my classmates a CNA gig at an LTC facility I was working in. Came close to passing out a couple of times, 'til I gave her some tips on how to pace herself. Vastl...
  12. IEDave

    Roadkill Cuisine Perks and Pitfalls

    I admit to not having researched the issue, but part of the reason that collecting roadkill for human consumption in California was illegal had to do with the possibility of abuse by poachers. This has been an issue off & on for decades. In princ...
  13. Nice! Congratulations - a 3.66 means you're in the running. Out here in the San Bernardino/Riverside area some CC's are random selection & some are points, I don't know of any that still have wait lists. Big thing is what kinds of scores your com...
  14. Not really possible to say, because it varies so much from CSU to CSU. Best bet is to speak to a nursing counselor at the campus(es) you're applying to. My "seat of the pants" assessment is that it wouldn't be considered a repeat, and so long as it d...
  15. IEDave

    Reasons nurses get fired

    As for me, I was terminated just under a month and a half ago (long story, but it boils down to a toxic relationship with a DON, and an accusation of not charting something that didn't happen) and reading this post really made my day. Really wished I...