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Alright, I love my new oiled black Danskos, but seriously miss the silent patter of my so-unsupporting Crocs! Anyone have a trick for making those inky, slinky soles a little quieter for the night treading nurse? Tait... Read More

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    This is so funny because people were complaining about their Danskos squeaking at work today! Sorry, I just wear plain old New Balance tennis shoes so I have no advice, but obviously you aren't alone in this problem.

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    Quote from maggiofliore
    I just wear surgical shoe covers over them every day. It keeps my shoes clean, prevents me from hitting the floor, and dulls any sound. Most units have em.
    But my shoes are so awesome looking! I guess I choose vanity over sneakiness?


    Thanks for the responses, I bet it has to do with the wax on the floor.

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    Ya I have the same problem, we got a new floor at work and the squeaking started. I think it is the floor. So, I have bought crocs. I love my clogs but the noise bugs me!
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    Yep -- have the same problem. And it bums me out to no end because my Danskos really fixed my foot pain problem. But I seriously cannot wear them at work, and definitely NEVER on night shift. Everyone knows I'm coming when I have them on and they just laugh at me -- (and I really don't need to give anyone anything else to laugh at me about! )

    So, I'm stuck wearing really good tennis shoes, and just wear my D's on my day off to "fix" my feet some more.

    Wish the manufacturer would fix this problem, or find a way to stop the squeak.
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    I have white Landaus. They squeak even on carpeting. It drives me nuts!
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    I put a strip of cloth tape over the bottom of the clogs. Problem solved. Did not hamper traction in the least.
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    Quote from mmc312
    I put a strip of cloth tape over the bottom of the clogs. Problem solved. Did not hamper traction in the least.
    I might have to try that!

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    Quote from nursebrandie28
    I have white do you clean them? I have marks on the front...
    Try Armor All. Clean and shine in one step. You can carry the wipes in your glovebox or purse. For scratches or superficial tears in the leather use a permanent marker or paint marker for white.
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    Ha, I'm at work and I googled "squeaky Danskos" and I found this thread!

    I have red patent leather Dansko clogs that squeak horribly. I work in L&D, and it's hard walking into a quiet labor room, with the patient doing hypnobirthing, only to have my shoes interrupt them.

    It's not the floor, because they squeak on carpet, as well as everywhere else outside the hospital. It's something internal in the shoe.

    I have a few coworkers that have the same problems with their Danskos, and they all said to just give it time. I've been wearing them almost daily since October, though, and the problem doesn't seem to be abating.

    I will try hand lotion and/or baby powder, as I've read suggested, and see if that doesn't solve the problem. But I wanted to comment because some people suggested it's the floors, and I know that at least in my case, it has nothing to do with the floor.
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    This is just second hand info, but I was told that if your Danskos are squeaky, Dansko will replace them. This person said they got theirs replaced.
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