Filter needles for glass vials?

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    Does your facility have/use filter needles for meds in glass vials? We were taught to use them in school, but I've never actually seen them on any floor I've been on, so I just do without.

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    We have lots of filter needles on our floor. Not too many glass vials though.
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    Used them long ago for glass or plastic vials to filter any possible impurities.
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    Always had them, always used them.
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    minor point of terminology

    vials shouldn't need filter needles, ampoules might ... if your concern is material breaking off as you snap the ampoule open and it falling into the drug inside
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    Always. Fentanyl and Nubain come in the ampules.
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    I would never administer a med out of a glass vial that wasn't drawn up with a filter needle. Never.
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    Quote from apocatastasis
    I would never administer a med out of a glass vial that wasn't drawn up with a filter needle. Never.
    what is your rationale never to administer a medication out of a vial that wasn't drawn up with a filter needle ...

    if a vial's content has glass in it you wouldn't be using the damaged vial would you ?

    how does filter needle protect you or your patient in piercing the rubber bung of a vial ?

    if you had said it about an ampoule ( ) it's understandable but probably over cautious...
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    Yes, I have used filter needles multiples times over the course of my career. Medications that I am fond of pulling up with a filter needle are phenergan, Thorazine and dilaudid.
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    I used filter needles until we got filter straws--even better!
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