Filter needles for glass vials?


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I always do off the field (epi, neo/poly).

We don't have sterile filter needles, so I can't use filters on the field (ie to draw up methyl methacrylate).


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Yes to filter needles & ampoules

The Canadian Potter & Perry also mentions that you can use a filter needle when drawing up meds from vials, to avoid pieces of rubber getting into solution. Thoughts about this? I haven't researched this one yet.

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We have filter needles. Haven't seen a glass vial in over a year.

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I would never draw up a med from an ampule without a filter needle, you never know when a tiny bit of glass might break off into the medication.. And yes, when doing an IM injection, I always use one needle to draw up the drug, and a separate one to administer the injections. And I sure hope the nurses giving me shots do the same!

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We didn't have filter needles at my last place of employment which was a community mental health agency. We gave a lot of antipsychotic depot injections. Haldol Dec almost always comes in ampules and was a favorite of our pdoc. It drove me up the wall but I had no say in ordering supplies. The more senior nurse didn't think it was a big deal.