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  1. what's wrong with this patient?

    You will look for other signs&symptoms both with dehydration and hypoglycemia, in order to rule those out. Dehydration may be a stretch because remember, pt West has been getting fluids for 6hrs now, 100mL/hr of NS. Consider the current pain man...
  2. What nurse life-hacks do you have to offer?

    I am now so excited to try this, working on a surg onc unit, those post-op pts gotta be ambulated with Foleys in situ! Here I was, criss-crossing tongue depressors on IV pole and taping them like a sucker! Awesome hack, thanks for sharing!!
  3. What is your Nursing Kryptonite?

    Easily one of my greatest fears.
  4. COPD and O2 use, am I wrong?

    For the rare times when we have a COPD pt on our surgical floor, there are physician orders to titrate oxygen sats. to between 88%-92%
  5. Interview Q. re Post-Op Addiction

    Hi all, I was interviewed recently for a surgical unit. One of the interview questions went something like: "Mrs. X reports pain, you go to dispense pain medication, but the other nurses on the floor are worried that said patient is addicted to pain...
  6. New Grad in Toronto Cannot find job

    Woohoo!!! Congratulations on the ED position!
  7. Healthcare-related "what the heck?!?!" dreams

    Lol this thread is hilarious! I work on a surgical onc unit. Some of my dreams involve being at the hospital, thinking about my to-do work list, etc. Today I woke up thinking "I have a patient on CBI, gotta go check on him, maybe irrigation bag needs...
  8. CSF leak and bedrest

    Hi all, I'm a new grad working on a surgical unit. I admitted a pt today with CSF leak from ear with orders for bedrest and HOB elevated 30 degrees. This may be a silly question, but what is the patho behind the rationale for bedrest? Is it just to k...
  9. The ONE thing that will make your nursing life easier

    I'm a new grad. So for me, the golden key would be less charting. Right now, I suck at time management and timely documentation. Our hospital also has us doing Workload charting, whereby the hospital pulls in data on where and how nurses are spending...
  10. Even the Stoic Have a Breaking Point

    I'm sorry this happened. Sending virtual ((HUGS)). I cried. Thank you for the updates, I hope that little tyke keeps getting better and better. My heart aches for that poor husband. We have EAP at my hospital, I've never used it (yet - new grad).
  11. IV PGB by gravity Q.

    Hi all, I work on a surgical unit, am fresh new grad. I have a question about IV medication piggybacking by gravity (sometimes I have a pump, other times not). When this secondary infusion completes and primary takes over, there is leftover remaining...
  12. I've discovered that Subq ports hurt. Pt required hydromorphone SC injections every so often for moderate-severe pain, subq port was installed, more pain just giving the injection thru port. And the tubing on the port is quite lengthy albeit very sma...
  13. Help please:)

    Yes that's the app i used!
  14. Resume for 1 yr experience

    "Providing family-centered care" is a very broad and sweeping statement. HOW did you provide such care? How does providing such care look like in your practice? Maybe you sit down with the patient and their family and go over discharge instructions ...
  15. This is the reason why I love this forum! Thanks!