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danh3190 has 4 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg, Cardiac.

RN, Paramedic, Former chemist

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  1. danh3190

    Older New Grad RNs Job Discrimination

    I applied to most of the ERs in the area and several ICUs when I graduated at 55 y/o 4 years ago. I had a number of interviews but couldn't get hired. I have tons of prehospital experience but no luck. I may just be a lousy interviewee or it could be that they don't like paramedics. One doctor I mentioned all this to said that the ERs want young dynamic people.
  2. danh3190

    Male RN in maternity

    I never had any problems when I did my OB clinical. Unfortunately we had a pretty good size clincal group so only got to be at one vag birth and one C-section. The family was very nice for both of them.
  3. danh3190

    Compensation for working in a Dedicated Education Unit

    What is a Dedicated Education Unit?
  4. danh3190

    "Alphabet Soup" After Nurses' Name?

    I think the alphabet soup is kind of funny on the floor although I think it certainly makes sense behind the name of an author or speaker on an article or program. I don't think the person being taken off the bedpan cares whether you have an MSN or your various certifications.
  5. Yeah, I've had days when I discharged all 5 of my patients and got 5 new ones too, but that's not common. Today I discharged 1 and admitted none. Usually somewhere in between. We're cardiology with a lot of general med-surg patients too.
  6. danh3190

    Scared of the docs!

    As you get to know the physicians personally a lot of the intimidation will disappear, at least it did for me. The intelligent ones realize that we make their job a lot easier and are happy to hear from us and cut us some slack when we say something stupid. Granted there are few jerks out there who will always give you a hard time and you just have to grit your teeth and call them when necessary but they're a small minority, at least on my floor. I like talking to them when they round. They can give me a quick summary in a few sentences that it would take me 1/2 hour to glean out of reading progress notes.
  7. danh3190


    I'd be surprised if a patient who's been properly washed every day would develop a bad BO problem. The odor I have trouble dealing with doesn't come from the armpits but from the groin/butt area, probably because the sick people have trouble wiping themselves and cleaning themselves properly down there. Deodorant isn't going to help that. As for staff, there's no excuse to come to work stinky (whether from BO, perfume, or whatever). I guess sometimes you can't control how you smell at the end of the shift, but you should if you can.
  8. danh3190

    Nurses Embracing iPhones

    I've pulled out my Droid at a patient's bedside to look up the answer to their question. They don't seem to mind. Better to have a nurse look up the answer than guess. Unfortunately we have a new policy forbidding use of phones on the floor so I guess I won't be able to do that anymore.
  9. danh3190

    Percocet PRN

    to 1 tab q3 PRN as the patient requested
  10. When I was a paramedic we didn't learn lab values per se though we learned about the electrolytes, e.g. we knew what a low K or low hemoglobin meant, but we wouldn't have known that a K of 3.2 or and Hgb of 8.2 were low. Of course that was almost 30 years ago so they may get better training now. There are a few paramedic programs that give BS in EMS. Those are essentially like BSN programs but with EMS experience instead of bedside experience. As a medic I definitely would like to know what the patient's baseline vitals have been, what the monitor has been doing, any serious problems with labs, any serious problems with tests done. For BLS (basic life support) transports they use EMTs not paramedics. They would definitely want to know vitals and any problems to watch out for but doubt the labs or monitor would be useful. I find it funny that when some LTC facilities call us to take a pt to hospital on an emergency basis they give us the tranfer papers with all the patient info in a sealed envelope, feeling that we don't need to know the information. The envelope gets opened the second I get in the ambulance.
  11. danh3190

    Percocet PRN

    Another problem is what happens when you hand the patient off to another nurse? Isn't it just easier to ask the MD to change the order?
  12. danh3190

    Incompetent nursing assistants

    I agree that improved pay and benefits are good positive motivators, but at the hopital where I work they have good pay and pretty much the same benefits as me but it doesn't matter to some people. What's also needed is motivation from the other end, i.e., being called to account for poor work.
  13. danh3190

    Physical Abuse against Staff

    If you have any male nurses or aides you could assign them to the perverts.
  14. danh3190

    Incompetent nursing assistants

    What you're describing might not be poor training, but a lack of desire to work.
  15. I work on a floor and I don't think it will be that big a deal when we retire. There are only a few of us (probably less than 5%) who are within 15 years of retirement. Seems to me like most of those near retirement are in management or other support roles. If I were in charge I wouldn't refill a lot of those jobs. There's also so much turn over among the young nurses in the our staff I don't think a few retirements will even be noticed. These days there doesn't seem to be much trouble hiring and our city has lots of diploma, ADN, and a BSN schools churning out hundreds of GNs each year.
  16. danh3190

    Religion in the Room

    Although I'll tell people I'm Catholic if they ask me, I don't feel it's my job to "witness" to them as in trying to convert them. I figure my witness is doing my job as best I can for them because whatsoever you do to the least of them you do for ME (I'm sure I mangled the quote but you know how bad we catholics are with bible quotes). I am not going to get into religious discussions with a patient and I'm not going to pray with a patient though I will certainly pray for a patient if they ask. Happily although I've been asked to pray FOR people nobody ever asked me to pray WITH them. In the era when I grew up, holding hands and praying out loud, except for formulaic prayers like the Our Father, wasn't a very common practice in the Catholic church. I always thought of prayer as between the person and God so listening to another person pray seems a sort of like voyeurism to me. I realize a lot of people in the protestant denominations and lately evangelical catholics feel differently about this.

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