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  1. Why are preceptors not provided in MSN programs?

    It is truly bizarre and inappropriate for schools to expect students to find their own preceptors, especially when the search degrades into trying to find a warm body with an MD or NP after their name who will take you on. That said, I'm an NP and ...
  2. tatoos & piercings, part 2

    I'm a successful nurse practitioner, and a guy, and I have 00g ears. Anyone who doesn't like them is more than welcome not to be my patient.
  3. Best area for RN experience prior to becoming FNP

    I'm a psych NP, but I did have to do some primary care rotations-- my ICU experience was not very helpful, but my ER experience proved INVALUABLE. You get to see everything from STDs to wounds to life-threatening medical conditions.
  4. Acute vs. Primary Care NP? Can't decide

    As I commented in another thread, boards of nursing are cracking down on this. From what I hear, according to Texas BON, FNP scope of practice does not include inpatient work.
  5. FNP new grad -- offered a GI job -- should I take it?

    You need to check with your board. In Texas, the board has really cracked down on scope of practice issues like Adult Health CNS practicing psychiatry and FNPs doing inpatient rounding.
  6. Why do NPs call associate MD their "Boss"

    I moonlight inpatient with a psychiatrist (who owns the group) and a NP friend of mine on occasion, I call them both colleagues because I don't consider either one of them to be my supervisor. In my full-time job, I have a chief medical officer and a...
  7. Earning potential

    I work primarily outpatient in community psychiatry, though I have also worked at a crisis facility and do some inpatient rounding PRN. There are a number of specialties in psych which are quite different from the kind of work I do (e.g. substance a...
  8. Earning potential

    This is true generally. HOWEVER, in urban areas, in specialties, I do not believe this is the case.
  9. Earning potential

    Yeah, I saw that, sorry, I finally cleared out my inbox! Is there anything in particular you want to know? I have licenses in Washington State and Texas. Had no trouble getting a job in either state. There is high demand for psych NPs nationwide...
  10. Earning potential

    And, I for one, am pushing for equal pay for equal work.
  11. Earning potential

    Most MDs don't make that much? Maybe not in primary care, but otherwise this is definitely not true! My community mental health center in Austin, with a low cost of living, STARTS brand new NPs at 120k a year.
  12. Earning potential

    I'm a psych NP, employed in an outpatient community (=not high-paying) psychiatric setting, one year of experience, and make 6 figures.. More than just a few of the psych NPs I know in private practice make between $200,000-$300,000 a year. At least ...
  13. BSN as entry into practice; why we decided against it.

    I have a MSN and am a nurse practitioner, but I also earned a BA before I became an RN. I worked for 3 years as an RN while obtaining my MSN. I could never, and still can't, see what the big deal about having a BSN was/is. It's a freaking bachelor'...
  14. How do you pronounce "centimeter" ???

    I've heard a number of people try to justify "sontimeter" as a French pronounciation of the word. Yeah, well, I have a French degree and speak French and Italian and studied Latin for two years. The word is CENTimeter. Whenever I hear someone say "...
  15. Checking vitals on a stranger to see if they are OK

    The only reason I would intervene for any reason is if someone were clearly having trouble with ABCs. And, in that case, I wouldn't even ask them, I'd call 911. I have absolutely no desire to meddle with the health concerns of people who are not my ...