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The only thread I see is 5-7 yrs old and focuses on religion. Is there any updated information? I have been in heavy contact with them and am looking at taking their RN-BSN program. I work with a... Read More

  1. by   Flames9_RN
    I think many BON could be run a lot better..not that difficult to update a web site
  2. by   tokmom
    Quote from Flames9_RN
    I think many BON could be run a lot better..not that difficult to update a web site

    I know! Totally irked me. WTH.
  3. by   SkyDrift
    I checked with California BRN and here's what the website says: "This list of resources is being provided as a service for informational purposes only. This in no way represents all of the RN to BSN/MSN programs available. These RN to BSN/MSN programs are neither approved nor endorsed by the Board of Registered Nursing. For specific information, please contact the programs directly."

    RN to BSN/MSN Education
  4. by   4mranch
    Hi Krystalized, just wondering how Captsone went, have you completed it, or are you near completion?
  5. by   krystalized58
    I am actually halfway through it! This is week five! It is actually going pretty well. The fact that it is ten weeks spreads it out pretty good to where you don't feel overwhelmed. I am so ready to be done!!!!
  6. by   4mranch
    I am on week four of Pathophysiology, then I have Trends, and then Capstone! I agree, I am ready to be done as well. Glad it is going well. Did you have to pick your research topic and PICOT and pretty much follow what they did over the 5 week program, just over 10 weeks?
  7. by   Flames9_RN
    Ya spill the beans..we all want to know,lol As stated before, I found the 5 week class very doable as it was a topic you chose and hopefully had some interest in! I think it was 1 of the few classes were I didn't have to drag myself to do the weekly assignments.
  8. by   krystalized58
    Yes. It is all the same assignments as the 5 week just spaced out over 10. I actually wish it was just five weeks because like flames it is a topic I am interested in and it is easy to write about. The other thing I don't like about the ten weeks is that you still have two DQ's each week. So technically we get 10 more dqs then the five week class got. Weeks 5,7, and 8 there is no "assignment" due by Sunday so that's nice but you have those extra dqs still. I called and asked why they changed the class and it had something to due with the amount of hours you needed to claim for the "clinical" experience.
  9. by   Flames9_RN
    Guess some will like the extra time...but if they just added on weeks and some weeks u have nothing does that add clinical time? lol Enjoy clicking that submit button
  10. by   krystalized58
    We are using the week that nothing is due to complete the following weeks assignments. So instead of the assignment taking a week to complete it is two weeks. I guess. I am so ready to hit submit! This is week five so five more to go and then D.O.N.E!!!!!
  11. by   Flames9_RN
    guess 1 can work ahead and then submit..I never did that as I figured that would just give the prof more time to look at ur paper,lol
  12. by   Kimmity
    Hi Tokmom!

    I'm about to start Grand Canyon University for the online RN to BSN, when I came across your thread!

    I was wondering if you still had the teacher's name of who to avoid?

    I was also wondering if you still recommend this school overall.

    Thank you!
  13. by   Flames9_RN
    I'm not Tokmom, but I graduated from GCU in Aug 2015 and have time to kill,lol I can't say it is the best school out there, but it worked well for me and really have no major complaints. I believe most RN to BSN schools are going to be very similar, as in that they center on writing papers! Most classes are 5 weeks long, which I liked. Capstone, just changed to 10 weeks, but from what I have read on here, the content is the same, but just spread it out over 10 weeks ( I actually thought it was 1 of the easier classes as you get to pick ur own PICOT and run with it, thus found it more interesting)

    The online "classroom" I think is very well laid out and the "look" is the same for all the classes. The online library/librarians were great.

    Each week is pretty much the same...2 Discussion questions (DQ) due...1 due Wed at midnight.....the other Fri at midnight....and of course u have to respond to so many as well......then a paper is due Sunday at midnight......Sometimes 2 papers, but usually just 1. Average paper length I would say was around 1200 words.......if u had 2 papers dues, both were on the shorter side of things......Most classes had a group project, which would be due at the end of week 4 or 5.....Group projects could be very easy with a good group..and most of my groups were fine...but there are some horror stories out there,lol but I believe moist RN to BSN programs have group projects as well.

    I would not put a lot of faith in the prof list.....some people say profs are terrible if they grade too hard.....I had a prof that was on the to avoid list and she was great, ya she did grade a bit more strict, but she provided a lot of valuable feedback. 1 thing you want to do is follow the RUBRIC, as that is what the prof uses to grade ur paper...and in a few occasions, not all the required elementsis in the go by the Rubric......

    As well, ask questions about the assignments early in the week.....some profs do not respond back right away.....and I had 1 prof that stated waiting until the weekend to ask questions is too late!! Best of luck