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ro2878 has 11 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in school nursing; pediatrics.

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  1. Vision/Hearing exams on preschool age children

    if you make a game out of hearing and vision testing, preK kiddos typically cooperate. If students won’t raise a hand when hearing a tone, have them kick their foot, drop a block or ball into a bucket, or give them a stuffed animal and tell the...
  2. inhaler use during covid

    We will not permit SVN txs when we reopen but what are you all doing for kiddos with inhalers? Inhaler with a spacer will be safest (and does give best delivery, regardless of age) but will you contact parents and explain that spacers will be mandat...
  3. Petty and not proud of it

    How about the new preK teacher who comes into my somewhat busy office yesterday with her laptop and says "Not sure if you can help me with this but you have been soooo helpful - can you show me how to enter my attendance? I am not sure why my screen ...
  4. OTC Meds for School Staff

    Thanks all! Staff was receptive to the idea and I told them I will set up initial stock and then after that, they are on their own to replenish. I did think of the unlocked cabinet thing with regards to kiddos ever being in the lounge and not sure ...
  5. OTC Meds for School Staff

    Anybody have a “nice way” to inform staff at our back to school staff meeting next week that the nurse is no longer giving them OTC meds? In our district we have some nurses who believe it is part of their job duty to help staff since these nurses co...
  6. Funny Ranting

    "You really think you need ice for that?"
  7. When do you give up?

    Another new diagnosis: suckitupitis = what the majority of the kiddos had this past Tuesday after returning from a 3 day weekend. Symptoms may include mild nasal congestion, a stomachache that does not prevent you from running all around during lun...
  8. Smelling Salts

    Hi All, Just accepted a job at a different school district. Co-worker/friend at my old district accepted a position with this district as well. We will be at different elementary schools. She has been in her new office and said that she has a tube...
  9. C'Mon Now!

    Last day of school today: Early release with dismissal at 11:20 a.m. I am rushing around trying to find 8th grade parents still on campus after their little darlings graduated this morning. Even though I send notices in the newsletters and post signs...
  10. C'Mon Now!

    LOL!! Oh, it happened - cross my heart and hope to die, or stick a screwdriver in my eye!!! Besides, who could even make that up?!!
  11. C'Mon Now!

    Claims was screwing something into an overhead cabinet. Even if your hand holding the screwdriver slipped, I would think you would simply scratch your other hand. How could that have such a force that the screwdriver would be impaled through your han...
  12. C'Mon Now!

    Parent comes into my office yesterday. Wanted to see if I could take care of her. Hand is wrapped in a towel, which she unwraps to show me the screwdriver impaled all the way through and out of the other side of her hand! Decided to drive to school, ...
  13. Ice Packs = Candy

    Kiddos at my school are "ice junkies" - they would shoot themselves up with ice if they could! LOL I try to discourage ice when it really is not necessary except for my littles/preK (they can do no wrong!). Now, if you are in 7th or 8th grade and yo...
  14. Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    Or degree of perfectionism, analness, or procrastination says the Type A girl who is supposed to be writing her paper...
  15. Ridiculous Reasons to See the Nurse

    5th grader walks in and states that he broke his pelvis. (Same kiddo who has eaten leaves to make himself throw up, told his teacher he was blind and could not see, smears blood all over his face when he gets a spontaneous bloody nose because it look...