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I have been waiting to post this for a long time! I hope this information will help anyone looking for a job. Some background info - I graduated with high honors December 2011, got licensed February... Read More

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    Quote from tokyorose
    it is worth a shot!

    i don't want to sound like a witch but i will not pm anyone my resume or cover letter. i feel as if i've shared enough tips and advice in the article that the rest is up to you all to do. there are plenty of resumes and cover letters online to look at. i looked at dozens before i wrote mine and i continually updated it to fit each job prospect. i do not like the idea that someone could copy my work. i was being generous when i was pm'ing my email to the dons. since it is already out there, i will add it to my article so everyone can see it. (here's another hint- this email resembles my cover letter. i guess you could take it from there.) i will continue to answer specific questions if you all have any.
    i totally agree with you on this point. you've already provided so much information and tips on how you got the job. you shouldn't have to provide anyone with a copy of your resume and cover letter. a resume is a pretty personal thing and requires a lot of thought and effort. google is free for all of us to use in obtaining samples of cover letters and resumes. thanks so much for all the information that you have provided so far. that, in itself took a lot of time to type up and organize, i'm sure. thank you! thank you! thank you!

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    Wonderful! So inspiring thank you!
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    thank you for the post! what state are you from?
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    Hey tokyoROSE. I followed your advice and I did email various DON and CNOs. I got some replies back and they said they would forward my message, resume and cover letter to the hiring director, nursing recruiter, etc. I have not heard anything back from them. What should I do? Should I email the DON and CNOs again or would that sound desperate? Thanks!
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    How long has it been?
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    Quote from tokyoROSE
    How long has it been?
    I emailed them 3/25 and the ones who replied back did on 3/26 or 3/27 and if I do send an email again, what should I say without sending desperate. Thanks. Btw, have you started work? How is it?
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    I wouldn't email them back. I feel that DONs are not procrastinators, they tend to stick to their word. So let things fall into place. The reason I say this is because I got a call last week for an interview for a job I applied to in December. Go ahead and keep emailing other DONs. I've had a full week of orientation, it is a lot to take in, and I'm excited to be on the floor next week. Everyone has been so wonderful and the more I learn about the organization, the more I'm reassured that I made the right decision. Thanks for asking and I hope that you get that call soon!
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    Congratulation. Your story is very inspiring. Can you please PM your email to the DONs as well to me?
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    Hi MamaEthan, the email is actually attached to the beginning of this thread...
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    Tokyorose I first have to say congratulations, you have made a tremendous effort and it paid off. You have been so generous even after getting a position you still return to answer questions and give feedback. Well i am a ADN graduate since June 2011 and i am yet to enter the world of nursing, i passed my boards in July of 2011. Since it has been difficult i decided to return to school and obtain my BSN so i am in the process.I am at such a cross roads as i am still doing my non-nursing job while going to school so i am feeling as though i should wait until i finish my BSN to resume my job search. Not too sure if this is a good idea as i will be 18 months without a job. Oh i am so . Well i am very excited to use your tips and hopefully it will land me my dream job.

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