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  1. I heard parkland has good new grad internship for ER/ICU. Really competitive but you have a strong working background. Definitely apply for parkland! Many ppl would only dream of working there.
  2. That's weird that you are having trouble finding job, my friend is from another state and shes a new grad without hosp working experience. She applied to Methodist in dallas, and right away they called her for a position in ICU about a week ago. she has BSN though.
  3. I am currently working as RN, BSN at a stepdown unit, just started my orientation a week ago. I served in the Army National Guard for 6 years, and just got out last year. I still have 1 year in-active duty left on my contract. So, I got a call from SSG (cant remember his last name) just recently and said that there's a E5 position available for my MOS in the military is 68S (Preventive Medicine Specialist). It's going to be a medical detachment unit. My question is, should I go back to the military for that position? My thought is that if I do go back, I would gain more leadership experience which could help in meeting my future career goal. This is part-time obviously, so I would do nursing while being in the reserve. I would like to pursue some type of Master Program (CRNA or maybe NP) in the near future, so would this be a good path for me to follow? I am thinking after I gain 2 years of RN exp, I could possibly try out the Nurse Corps, but I haven't thoroughly researched my option on that yet.... So I was wondering if I could get any advice on the best possible approach to meet my goal. Should I work as RN first for two years while being in the military or should I do direct commission? PS- I forgot to mention that I have 2 year contract with the hospital.
  4. panpan

    Very little orientation for new grad?

    LTC "could" be worse... some only provide you with less than week of orientation. So maybe find out more about those LTC facility first before turning down on the hospital job. Honestly, if I was in your position with less than 2 weeks left to find a job, I would probably take the hospital job first. I just want to mention, if the orientation is inadequate, please be the agent of change. Make suggestions, and talk to higher ups. Maybe you could even be the person that makes a difference. Majority of the time people dont even think of speaking up or making changes b/c it's too much hassle. Think of yourself as an advocate for the patients and for yourself as well as the rest of the new hires. Anyways... just some ideas.
  5. panpan

    Graduated last May.... NO JOB

    I have to sympathize with the 123wannabenurse, I am also a may graduate from last yr. I was offered a nursing home job on the spot and decided not to take it. I toured the facility and I just didn't get a good vibe from it at all. So I made a choice and decided that it was just not for me. I believed that I deserved better for all the hell went through (Literally) in nursing school (does that make me a bad person?). Yes, you might say I do not have a practical attitude, because jobs are hard to come by... but I have to have some sort of reasonable expectations for my self and my future goals. Also, I want to point out that there is nothing wrong with starting at a nursing home/LTC, everyone has to start somewhere. Anyways, I don't understand why more experienced nurses can't be more understanding of young nurses... Why not just be supportive instead of jumping to conclusions, it's almost insulting. To "TheCommuter", I think you are right on one thing, you may not feel bitter towards anyone on an online forum, but really that just means you have no concerns or sympathy for anyone on this forum either other than real acquaintances. You may also argue that you are being truthful, and reality is harsh. Ok! We understand! I understand! But do you really understand where I am coming from? I can't speak for others but I certainly don't need someone else lecturing me on things yet don't give a damn.
  6. thanks for the insight tcvnurse! :]
  7. panpan

    Military CRNA

    Coming from a military background, I would have to tell you to first talk to a military recruiter.. although recruiters do lie to you but at least they will do what they could to get into the program b/c they get money or have a quota to reach. Im glad you did research on all the benefits and everything sounds soo great! If something sounds soooo good, then you gotta think twice. Basic rule of thumb. And yes, your husband will get deployed. THey invested so much money in him, do you really think they wont use your husband for everything they can? US army has the #1 CRNA program in the nation. They are strict and not everyone can handle the stress and some people who have physical limitation are out of the picture. You gotta have recommendation letters, GRE, and 1 yr of ICU exp, and other requirements. Assuming he hasnt...he's gotta speak with a recruiter BEFORE even remotely thinking about moving. But anyways, i dont know what your husband's qualifications are...
  8. panpan

    MSN or MBA

    Ok if I was a nurse recruiter/manager looking at 2 resumes. One from University of Pheonix and one from a local/state college, I would choose the applicant with the local/state college graduate degree over online degree any day, any time and without a doubt. Most senior recruiters and managers weren't brought up with the whole online-college-degree concept, and there are many scams out there (not that Pheonix is associated with them).... but still it gives people a subconscious/unconscious doubt in their mind. Anyways... simple psychology. Am I wrong? If you are the director or manager of the hospital... would you really hire a full time online graduate over a traditional graduate? Think about it.
  9. So really... I would skip HR and talk to the nurse managers directly. Call the Hospital you want to work at, and ask for the floor you are interested in, then ask the receptionist for nurse manager's email. Then shot them an email with your resume/coverletter attached. That way you can just bypass HR completely. The nurse manager might re-direct you back to HR, however they will usually forward the email. At least this way... the nurse recruiter will pay more attention to your resume b/c it was forwarded by the nurse manager. More possibility for an interview.
  10. panpan


    Ok this is what I would do. Wait one week and follow up with them in either a phone call or email if that's easier for you. Which ever.. You need to follow up a week later and remind them that you are still interested in this position and also ask them when you can expect to start. Surely, they probably have to hire more than 1 nurse since this is a new office? Having 1 RN for a position doesn't make sense because what if you are sick, or unable to make a shift, then they would have no one back up... anyways, I would think they should hire at least 2. Just a thought. So perhaps they are waiting to finish to interviewing other candidates... I think you got this job!
  11. panpan

    New Grad RN still no job

    I agree volunteer, 60-80% of new entry level RNS get their jobs through savvy networking. It can be through your professors, volunteering positions, friends that already have jobs in hospitals... they can talk to their nurse manager and give you a lead or a referral. Trust me, get out there and network, don't wait to get lucky. If you dont know anyone, get yourself out there! Go to recruiting events, have your resume ready... or sometimes go directly to the hospital and look for the unit manager, although some managers are too busy and won't like it. You gotta take your chances, even if it's just 1%. Good luck!
  12. i dont think UMSL's program is very competitive...
  13. I am going to start working for Cardiovascular Care Unit this June and was wondering if this is suppose to be just as intense as the ICU? Or is CCU equivalent of ICU? Our unit gets open heart surgery patients, CABG, stroke patients...etc
  14. Any one here who works at St. Anthony's Medical center in stl? I just recently got hired for a job position there as a new grad RN on the cardiovascular care unit. Does anyone know about the orientation process? or heard anything about the unit that I will be working on? Any information is appreciated! :]
  15. panpan

    Thinking of Making a move to St. Louis Missouri

    Iam from st. louis and I want to move to sacramento lol... The job market here is only bad for new grads, but if you have experience in med/surg then it should not be a problem! Iknow cost of living is higher in sacramento and some nurses start at 30-40 dollars an hour. Here the avg is around 20's ... but cost of living is definitely cheaper! St. louis is definitely a good place to start a family.
  16. panpan

    Help with a Cardiovascular Care Unit interview

    Thanks Kylee, I find that very helpful! Thank you so much for the advice!