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  1. PedsHopeful

    Thinking about jumping ship, need perspective

    I am interested in getting into this. Do you mind sharing how you did it or who you work for?
  2. PedsHopeful

    rn nclex failure x2

    Tell him to do Kaplan. Their diagnostic test can help tell him where he needs work at. Also look at the Lacharity Prioritization book which is excellent practice for those types of questions.
  3. PedsHopeful

    Kaplan & Saunders scores for NCLEX RN (2nd timer)

    Your scores look great, I used kaplan too and never got higher than a 64 on the trainers and a 60% on Qbank. Passed Nclex the 1st time. Kaplan questions are much harder than nclex questions. Do the Sample tests that have the ALL SATA questions.
  4. PedsHopeful

    ADN or BSN?

    Im married with 3 kids and decided to go the ADN route cause I needed to start working ASAP and so that the hospital I worked at could foot some of the bill for my BSN. Im happy with that choice.
  5. PedsHopeful

    What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    ADN @ 36 BSN @ 38 projected
  6. PedsHopeful

    ATI Comprehensive Predictor and NCLEX

    I scored a 86% chance of passing the 1st time, passed the 1st time with 110 questions.
  7. PedsHopeful

    Lacharity...what's a good score

    My scores ranged from 54% (Hematologic Problems) to 94% (Cardiovascular problems). had alot of 60's and 70's. Passed Nclex the 1st time.
  8. PedsHopeful

    Decided to try out Kaplan

    I used Kaplan for about 5-6 weeks. Graduated May 18th and tested June 27th. I had the Saunders book but didnt do much from it. Mainly focused on just Kaplan and doing the chapters in the LaCharity book. FInished all of those but a couple and didnt bother with the case studies. I scored 63's to 64's on my Qtrainers and a 60% on my Qbank. Passed the first time with 110 questions. Kaplan questions and SATA are much harder than Nclex. I did every Qbank question, every trainer, every sample test. I went back and created tests with just the Qbank questions I got wrong and redid those over again. I read every rationale for both right and wrong answers. It helped.
  9. PedsHopeful

    New RN pay at St. Francis Hospital, Milwaukee

    I just got hired there 2nd shift as a new grad and starting pay is 24.17 a hr.
  10. PedsHopeful

    failed nclex 1ST time

    How did you study the first time?
  11. PedsHopeful

    New Grad Starting Salary

    Wisconsin ADN Grad Oncology Floor 24.17 per hr
  12. PedsHopeful

    NCLEX Pharmacology

    I really just looked at the most common ones, Dig, Lithium, Betas, ACes, ect. Thing is I only remember getting about 5 med questions, and it wasnt anything too crazy.
  13. PedsHopeful

    P A S S E D!!

    Congrats! Took mine yesterday with 110 questions and got the good pop up as well. I start my oncology position July 7th. Nice that we get a week to ourselves before working :)
  14. Grafton, WI Graduated May 2014/ ADN Grad Job Offer June 2014/ Oncology Passed Nclex June 2014
  15. PedsHopeful

    The Pearson Vue Trick & NCLEX

  16. PedsHopeful

    Pearson trick fraud???

    Its been 100% accurate for my classmates thus far. Everyone who passed got the good pop up, one girl who failed was taken directly to the CC screen.