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  1. PedsHopeful

    Thinking about jumping ship, need perspective

    I am interested in getting into this. Do you mind sharing how you did it or who you work for?
  2. PedsHopeful

    Aurora Hiring Process

    Im going through the same thing. Had a interview with HR and the floor manager, they seemed to like me alot! Shadowed on unit and was suppose to hear something in 3 weeks. Heard nothing. Called and was told something about there not being enough prec...
  3. PedsHopeful

    Dosage Calc/Dimensional Analysis HELP!!!

    This is the book we used throughout our program and it has lots of practice questions, walks you through the process step by step which I really needed because Im terrible at math. Dimensional Analysis for Meds (9781435438675): Anna M. Cu...
  4. PedsHopeful

    Graduating May 2014! :)

    Graduating May 14th. CAN....NOT...WAIT!
  5. PedsHopeful

    Unemployed New Nurses Would Be Wise To Remember These Equations

    Anyone here ever went from private duty into a specialty such as ICU or L&D?
  6. PedsHopeful

    30 stages of Nursing school

    I laughed so hard at 23 cause I do that alot, LOL.
  7. I too was having trouble with Pharm especially this semester. Failed the first two exams cause my usual way of studying by making flashcards just didnt seem to be working for me at all with pharm. The drug categories werent sticking, I couldnt rememb...
  8. PedsHopeful

    Dosage Calculation Question

    Bless you!
  9. PedsHopeful

    Dosage Calculation Question

    do you not do anything with the : Supplied: 28,000 u/300ml ??
  10. PedsHopeful

    Dosage Calculation Question

    How did you work that out?
  11. PedsHopeful

    Dosage Calculation Question

    Ok, Im suppose to use DA for this and Im a bit confused about how to set it up: Ordered: Heparin gtt 21 u/kg/hr Supplied: 28,000 u/300ml Weight: 170lbs How many ml/hr will be administered? I have a feeling I am way over-thinking this since mL/ hr is ...
  12. PedsHopeful

    Marijuana and Nursing School

    Gonna chime in here. I love smoking pot. LOVE IT. Prefer it over drinking and never smoked cigarettes. People self medicate all the time. Some use alcohol, some use cigarettes, some go get prescriptions for anti-psychotics that have a long list of ha...
  13. PedsHopeful

    Best tablet to use?

    Im getting a nexus 7 tomorrow. First of all I dont have Ipad money to spend. Second of all they have tons have great apps for nursing professionals thats reasonably priced. Third, they have a Microsoft office suite you can install to use Word, Ect. I...
  14. PedsHopeful

    Cheating in College

    Hilarious video about kids cheating in college and I thought the posters message to the teacher at the end in regard to not cheating is pretty great.
  15. PedsHopeful

    New Grads!!! There IS a way to SURVIVE!!

    How did you land a PICU job after 8 months of being "out of action"?