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I have been waiting to post this for a long time! I hope this information will help anyone looking for a job. Some background info - I graduated with high honors December 2011, got licensed February... Read More

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    Tried this method. Didn't work for me. If anything, it just expedited the rejection process. I mean I can now say I know the emails of a few department heads and managers now.

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    Thanks a lot! This article lit a fire within me and inspired me. I graduated in May, began job hunt several months ago, licensed in June. I now have 2 job offers within 2 weeks of reading this article. Before reading this, I got rejection after rejection-not even 1 call back after sending application, and I'm convinced no one ever even looked at my info.
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    I loved reading your post ... thank you for being so generous with all the info shared ... I loved your faith filled insight
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