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  1. My career is winding down now as I enter semiretirement and pursue new endeavors. I must admit though that nursing in general has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Let's start a list: 1. Who ever thought of the12 hour shift should have their he...
  2. How to handle unhealthy work environment?

    You Quit. That's how.
  3. I read an article on Raw Story, yes, it's a legit news outlet, that a judge in Wisconsin, a right to work state, issued an injunction that nurses can't quit their job without notice to go somewhere else. This is an act of desperation from hospitals. ...
  4. Does the shot mess with your DNA?

    It's really hard to believe that any nurse would ask this question. Why don't you ask Olivia Guidry, RN, BSN, Lafayette, LA, the antivax big mouth who jeopardized the safety of her patients. She went around spouting about it changing your DNA and sai...
  5. Termination From Employer For Refusing EUV

    You're nothing but another ignorant antivaxxer and your employer is within their legal right to require it and fire you if you don't. I know. I've done the research. The last place an antivaxxer nurse should be working is an oncology unit. No vax? Gr...
  6. So if she fired you for a missing narcotic, did she report you to the board because I believe that's mandatory? If she didn't then I smell a rat. Get an attorney and make her prove it. If she can't then it's malice in which case you would have a...
  7. ADN or BSN?

    When I did my ADN the Summer term was 8 semester hours in 8 weeks and it was 2 semesters of psych nursing. One admonishment of sorts to leave you with. Please get over the notion that ADN programs are less stressful. They are not. They are just as in...
  8. Have you had a chance to contact Darlene Nelson? If not please do so through the URL I gave you. She is the reason my license is intact.


  9. I find it so hard to believe that morbidity/mortality is substantially lower with the BSN prepared nurse when the only additional things they have are community health, informatics and research, which largely have no real impact on ability to provide quality care. Please cite your ample evidence from INDEPENDENT research. By that I mean from an entity that has no attachment to the outcome. I know how this works.

    1. doctordavism


      Fortunately, we are not subject to one's personal and anecdotal opinions as evidence, so that's off the table.  Emotions have no place in scholarly inquiry. 

      Next, as a scholar in your field, you should be aware of the ample evidence. I invite you to do some scholarly inquiry of your own.  It's not my job to build a case for you when these data have been out for decades.

      Lastly, I'd like to say I find your tone offensive.  

    2. Tommy5677


      Oh that is so interesting. You make an assertion like that, which I find incredibly offensive, and then refuse to provide research/evidence to back it up, thereby placing the onus on me... Well that says a lot. Everything in fact. If ADN/ASN prepared nurses are so woefully inadequate as to jeopardize patient safety, then why do they still exist? These are very serious allegations. And furthermore, if boards of nursing are about protecting public safety, then why haven't they intervened and demanded all the associate degree schools closed?

      Here's the other thing. Believe it or not, I am all for a single entry level into practice. The BSN. It would go so far in boosting nursing to the level of a profession (of course it already is). You are the perfect example of the old adage, "Nurses eat their young." Shame on you.

      I will and continue to encourage people to get the associate degree at the community college level, take the NCLEX, get a job, and then enroll in a RN to BSN online program immediately.

      I guess I have little else to say to you but thanks.

  10. ADN or BSN?

    I know that things have changed a lot since I went to nursing school but for anyone who thinks an ADN program is somehow slower or easier, you are very much mistaken. My first semester in an ADN program was 18 semester hours. Yes, you read it right. ...
  11. Medication Error in School

    Does that include generics?
  12. Does the shot mess with your DNA?

    This isn't a very scientific response but I listen to ZDoggMD on facebook. Hey, he's a real doctor with real credentials and he knows what he's talking about. Check him out.
  13. COVID vaccine given way too low in the arm

    There's really no excuse for this. As far as I know IM injections in the arm are always given in the deltoid and there is a very simple method for demarcation that you can find on Youtube. If a nurse gives the shot too low they should be disciplined....
  14. Medication Error in School

    New URL. Call them.
  15. Nursing school is a gruel no matter what program you choose. To say an ADN program at the community college level is more relaxed is a ridiculous notion and I’m willing to bet the nurse posting that did not herself do an ADN. Get your ADN, take yo...