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I have been waiting to post this for a long time! I hope this information will help anyone looking for a job. Some background info - I graduated with high honors December 2011, got licensed February... Read More

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    wow Congrats!!!!

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    Thanks so much for the advice! I will be using these tips when I start my job hunt soon! Congrats on the job!
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    Hi Thank you for this wonderful advice now I just have one question. Do you do this after you have filled out an application in the facility or hospital or just go straight to the DON and send your cover letter and resume. Please respond to me haha I am an LPN and its so hard looking for a job. Godbless you!
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    I am feeling just the way you felt right now,Got good grades best clinical awards have been applying for the past 5 months nothing, thanks for posting this, gives me some hope...
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    THIS WORKS! I got my dream job offer (a full time position in a behavioral health unit of a university hospital) by doing this! will be signing the acceptance paperworks tomorrow! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ><
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    I really liked reading about this method, and I definitely think it's a way to make a applicant stand out, and probably bypass a few of the 'hoops' in the application process.

    Many of the hospitals around me have these 'Nurse Residency" programs for their new graduate nurses. Do you think emailing the nurse managers on floors I am interested with may help them look at my application closer? Will it annoy them when they are already flooded with new grad apps?
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    You can try to email the Nurse Managers but there is no guarantee it will work. Most just reply "I am forwarding this to the HR Department".
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    Thanks for your reply. I was thinking along the same wavelength when it came to these programs.
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    Good for you for making this happen! Awesome work! I just wanted to say that I agree with your point about making your resume only one page. I was applying for dozens of positions with a 2 page resume because I thought it showed a had a ton of experience. After having absolutely no luck, I reduced it to one page with only the very minimum, relavent information. I had three interviews scheduled in a week.

    Congrats again!
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