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It's been a week since graduation with my BSN and I'm so happy that on Monday I had 4 interviews- 1 in HR, 1 with ER, and 2 with the health system's two OR's- the main hospital and the community one. Then on Tuesday I shadowed in... Read More

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    Agreed with above posters.. please do tell. I'd move to central PA. Definitely no jobs out here in NYC.

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    Congratulations. It's nice to finally see signs of the tide turning.
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    Good For you!!!!! GoodLuck!!!
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    you're one of many examples that new grads can achieve interviews and land a position. wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors...aloha~

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    Congrats and good luck! I grew up in South Central PA. and they do seem to still recruiting but I came from a really rural area!
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    Congratulations to you! Please do share more details as previously mentioned.
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    Congrats!!! Good luck.
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    Good luck to you! I hope that I have the same response from the market when I graduate - which will be a few years. Did you have prior medical experience before becoming a nurse? I'm happy for you, you made it through nursing school so its well deserved.
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    That's AWESOME! Congratulations!

    Thanks for posting your experience about a positive job hunt in 2012. I just graduated yesterday with my BSN and was hired for a new job all in the same day. I know your excitement. I hope you get one of those jobs!!

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    Congrats, I'm oozing jealousy! The BSN is where it's at!

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