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  1. 1adb10

    UCLA MSN Fall 2014

    Hello everyone.... been following 4 a while now and decide to finally contribute! I got accepted to UCLA PNP on the 17th! Any PNP's out there?(@ me or send me a message).. My back ground- GPA was a 3.6 for my BSN program and I have 2 years of peds experience. Also for the summer health assessment class (N175) for those who need to take it... it will be on Mondays & Wednesdays Aug 4 - Sept 12 summer session C
  2. 1adb10

    NCLEX Kaplan Practice Scores

    Diagnostic Exam- 68% QT 1- 49% QT 2- 67% QT 3- 54% QT 4- 60% QT 5- 68% QT 6- 66% QT 7- 67% Readiness Test - 57% Question Bank Average:67% completing 100% of the questions Sample Test 1-56 Sample Test 2- 66 Sample Test 3- 77 I used Hurst Review for Content Review and only did kaplan? and mosby flash cards when i was on the go took test today had 75 question... alot of SATA ... checked Pearson and had the good pop will know result in 2 days Really Hope I Passed .....Kaplan set up is really similar to the actually test set up... which made me feel comfortable well let you guys know if i passed or not when i know.. Good Luck everyone!!!
  3. 1adb10

    phentermine/drug test

    A little info I found "Phentermine has an adult half-life of between 7 and 20 hours, and peaks in the bloodstream 8 hours following administration. Assuming a seven hour half-life, over 90% of the medication would theoretically be cleared from your system in 28 hours. Assuming a 20 hour half-life, it would take approximately 80 hours for most to clear." Good Luck to you!!
  4. 1adb10

    Graduated on Saturday... 5 interviews already!

    That is so good.. It usually extremely hard to find new grad jobs these day!!! Good luck and congratulations.
  5. 1adb10

    I got the cc page.....

    Also I heard Judy Miller is really good... but I heard its expensive!!
  6. 1adb10

    I got the cc page.....

    I so sorry... DO NOT give UP !! whatever you do.. Good Luck to ... I know you can do it
  7. 1adb10

    Graduation gift for new nurse

    Also Congratulations to your daughter.. I know you are very proud!!
  8. 1adb10

    Graduation gift for new nurse

    A Littman or NCLEX review course!!
  9. 1adb10

    Nursing School Graduation Gift Ideas

    Littman in her favorite color! Always make a new grad happy!!
  10. 1adb10

    What kinds of patients do you see?

    Congrats on your BSN and good luck on continuing on!
  11. 1adb10

    HATE Peds Nursing??

    Follow your heart!! Do what you Love to do... and you'll always enjoy it!1
  12. 1adb10

    Endorsing CA RN license to DC

    try this one: Health Professional Licensing Administration
  13. 1adb10

    How to get good grades in nursing school?

    Study hint: try to review the content that was taught in the same day.. Repetition helps info stay in your long term memory
  14. 1adb10

    Help! Preparing for NCLEX - RN; Years after graduation!

    Good luck ladies you can do it!!
  15. 1adb10

    Help! Preparing for NCLEX - RN; Years after graduation!

    Kaplan teaches you how to take the test and strategies.... but you must know the content for the strategies to work.. HURST is good on content review!!