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The employment market seemed to have changed for the worse soon after the financial meltdown of 2008. Ever since then, I have noticed that many job postings and 'help wanted' ads have changed insidiously by utilizing a different... Read More

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    Funny, at my ripe old age of early late forties, my cover letter states " Dedicated, energetic, outgoing RN..."

    It is true, and I have had LOTS of interviews/job offers. Three consecutive twelve hr shifts are easy-peasy. (well, a little tired third day, but definitely doable.)

    It is beyond doable if it's your goal and are relatively healthy.

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    So blatent discrimination based on age is not just acceptable but commendable?
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    Quote from Saysfaa
    So blatent discrimination based on age is not just acceptable but commendable?
    I do not recall anyone commending or praising age discrimination or ageist hiring practices. Any type of discriminatory practice is flat-out wrong.
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    If the article had stopped with the "light at the end of the tunnel" being "avoid these borderline ageist job postings altogether" I would totally agree with you. But it doesn't stop there... "some even hire a certain number of 'older' applicants on purpose".

    Isn't that saying they don't just do x the little way in the right direction, they even go the extra mile to do y too?

    And I've probably gotten a little too sensitive to this issue - I've been dealing with discrimination under the guise of diversity too much lately.
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    Yeah.....I'm afriad I don't follow.

    Just me personally I work with nurses of all ages, and I can say that I don't give a flip about a person's age or whatever. I just want someone working with me who can do the job, who is good at problem solving, has a positive attitude, is teachable, a good team player and has a sense of humor. I'm not a manager, but I'm pretty sure any manager who has cares about his or her department running smoothly, would feel the same way.
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    Describing the company as "Young, Vibrant, and Energetic" is in no way discouraging more experienced nurses from applying. This describes the culture of the company you are applying ,and giving you an idea of personalities that would suit the company. Don't be so pessimistic when reading job postings. I am sure a new home health agency would use the same terminology with no negative intentions or "weeding" in mind.
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    Look on the bright side. Regardless of age, at least you're an experienced RN which makes your skills far more marketable than most other people's. Here's a story about a man in NYC with a master's degree in English looking for a general, unskilled office job and having no luck. He posted a fake job ad on craigslist to see how much competition he had, and got over 650 qualified responses for an administrative assistant job with no experience required paying $12-13/hour. You can read the story here. Regardless of age, nurses have it way better than most.

    Man Creates Fake Craigslist Ad To View His Competition
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    I'd take a crusty old bat over an entitled 20 something brat** any day, if the people I work with are the norm.

    **Since I'm tired of people on here with no sense of humor and no ability to read "funny" into a post:

    1) No 20 something entitled brats were harmed in the making of this reply. 2) Not all 20 somethings are entitled brats. 3) Do us all a favor and have your sense of humor surgically reimplanted.
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    A nurse with >30 years of experience got turned down from a local hospital because she has "too little experience."

    Sounded fishy to me.
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    That happened to me. 30 years of acute care bedside nursing, 18 of which were specifically Oncology and 10 years cardiac /telemetry, the application was for a GYN oncology unit. I was told "I didn't have the experience they were looking for". "They received a nasty email back.
    With my resume and the years I held my listed different employment positions, they could do the math and figure- I wasn't 20-30 something!!! This was an Urban University medical center.
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